ePDQ – simple online payment solutions

ePDQ – simple online payment solutions
You may be new to e-commerce, or you may already have your own site but wish to keep costs down. To make the most of your online presence we have three solutions to help you take payments, grow your business and build customer confidence.

Whichever solution you choose will integrate with your existing systems increasing your customer presence and improving the way you engage with them, wherever they may be. As your business grows and changes, your chosen solution will evolve with it.

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Choose your solution

You can choose between a standard hosted payment page, a dynamic template-based payment page or an API/Direct Link option:

If you're new to online trading or only need very simple functionality, our entry-level service enables you to take payments online, simply and securely. Building customer confidence and helping to grow your business.

  • Customisable payment page - branded by you, hosted by us
  • Standard fraud-screening module
  • Fully PCI DSS compliant solution
  • Online management reporting
  • e-terminal to also accept mail and telephone order payment
  • Five user accounts for administration.

With ePDQ essential your customers will see:

  • Simple-to-use payment pages, creating consistency
  • Fast, secure transactions
  • Authorisation in seconds
  • A recognised and trusted brand.

With ePDQ essential you'll have:

  • Straightforward integration
  • Management reports allowing you to access account and transaction details online
  • Ability to accept all major credit cards.
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With more control over the payment process, it allows you to simply and securely take payments online with increased functionality available, improves the way you engage with your customers, and helps grow your online business.

  • Dynamic template-based hosted payment page giving you more control of the customer payment experience
  • Fully PCI DSS compliant solution
  • Enhanced fraud-screening
  • e-terminal to also accept mail and telephone order payments
  • Five accounts for administration.

With ePDQ extra your customers will see:

  • Simple-to-use payment pages
  • Fast, secure transactions
  • Authorisation in seconds
  • A recognised and trusted brand.

With ePDQ extra you'll have:

  • Settlement options for greater flexibility, choosing when you take payments from your customer's card
  • Management reports allowing access to account and transaction details online
  • Ability to accept all major debit and credit cards.

Support you can trust

To help seamless integration, we can offer:

  • A dedicated UK-based support team
  • Technical info to help your web developer integrate ePDQ extra
  • Updates to help you keep pace with technology and security compliances
  • Integration and user guides.

ePDQ extra plus

is the most advanced of our e-commerce solutions offering you full integration via API/Direct Link, and gives you maximum control over how you take payments and engage with your customers.

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Getting started

A step-by-step guide to applying for ePDQ essential, ePDQ extra and ePDQ extra plus

1. Apply using our standard application process to start accepting online payments.

2. Once we've processed your application, you'll receive a welcome letter with your next steps.

3. We will email you to confirm your login details to the ePDQ back office where you can access all of your user documentation.

4. You are then ready to start integrating ePDQ essential, ePDQ extra or ePDQ extra plus into your website and to carry out testing before going live.

5. When you're ready to go live, select the activation button in the back office.

6. Once you have completed this you will then need to contact Barclaycard to set your account to live processing.

7. Finally, we will send you a confirmation email to let you know your store's ready to start accepting card payments.


Our range of Options allow you to tailor the functionality of your payment solution as your business evolves, adding and removing elements as and when it suits you.* Options can be activated, and deactivated, in the back-office of your ePDQ account whenever you like – take a look at our  how to guide PDF (1.88 MB) for more information.

User manager

User manager

Need more than 2 users? Add however many extra administrators you require, each with their own passwords and permissions you can adjust according to their role.
User manager user guide
Dynamic template

Dynamic template

Gives you greater control over the look and feel of your payment page for a more seamless customer experience.
Dynamic user guide (within the Advanced Integration guide)
Subscription manager

Subscription manager

If you are selling services with a regular payment such as subscriptions to magazines or gym membership, you can arrange to take the same payment automatically each time it's due.
Subscription manager user guide
Schedule payments

Scheduled payments

If you’re selling big ticket items, for example holidays, this allows you to take an initial payment and then create a schedule of future payments to complete the purchase.
Scheduled payments user guide
Tokenisation image

Tokenisation (Alias Manager)

Customer card details are stored securely by Barclaycard and linked to a token. This means repeat customers can simply enter their CVV code, speeding up their checkout process and rewarding loyalty.
Alias manager user guide
Logo hosting

One page checkout (Alias Gateway)

You can host the payment page but the card form fields within it are sent securely to Barclaycard, removing the burden on you of securely storing customer data. It’s the flexibility and freedom of API but without the responsibilities of PCI DSS compliance.
Alias Gateway user guide
Fraud detection

Fraud Detection Module Checking (FDMC)

Additional fraud protection that allows you to manage up to 65+ parameters you check each transaction against, with automated blocking rules you control.
Fraud Detection Module Checking (FDMC) user guide
Push reports

Push reports

Allows you to create reports for distribution via email or through a URL, so regular reports can be viewed by people without back office access.
Push reports user guide
*Additional charges apply.

Fees and charges

ePDQ fees and charges:

ePDQ essential is available either as a pay-as-you-go service or with a monthly contract. If you don’t know how much you might use our service, you can pay an upfront fee to set your account up and then only pay a flat rate percentage when you make a sale – there are no monthly fees. Alternatively, you might prefer to commit to a monthly contract and then pay lower transaction fees.

ePDQ essential – pay-as-you-go*:

ePDQ essential – contract:

  • A single joining fee
  • No minimum billing
  • No monthly subscription charges
  • A simple 3.5% flat rate on all your successful transactions, covering your Gateway fees and your Merchant service charges.
  • * Pay-as-you-go pricing is still subject to our legal contract and terms and conditions.
  • No joining fee
  • A monthly subscription fee – for regular use of the service
  • A Gateway fee per transaction
  • Merchant service charges – the fees for processing credit and debit card payments. This is provided on a bespoke basis, depending on your business size and type.

ePDQ extra and ePDQ extra plus pricing is contract-based and tailored to your business.
It will consist of:
  • Joining fee – to cover the cost of setting up your account
  • Monthly Subscription fee – for regular use of the service
  • Merchant service charge – the fee for processing credit and debit card payments. This is provided on a bespoke basis, depending on your business size and type
  • Gateway fee – charged per transaction.
If you'd like to find out more about our secure, ePDQ extra and ePDQ extra plus payment solutions, or for your bespoke quotation, please contact us on 0800 61 61 61.

Useful info


The following guides are available so you can understand how to use ePDQ. If a document is only relevant for one product, we’ve listed it separately.

ePDQ Back Office user guide

How to use ePDQ including how to access and manage transactions.

ePDQ e-Terminal user guide (PDF 114KB)

How to process transactions via ePDQ.

ePDQ Basic Integration Guide (PDF 270KB)

Explains the basic integration of ePDQ to enable e-commerce payments.

ePDQ Advanced Integration Guide (PDF 670KB)

Complements the Basic Integration Guide and provides more technical detail for all ePDQ integrations.

ePDQ Fraud Detection Module (FDM)

Configuration guide for how to configure your fraud settings if using ePDQ essential.

ePDQ Direct Link Guide

How to integrate to ePDQ using our Direct Link API.

ePDQ Direct Link with 3-D Secure

Additional Direct Link (API) configuration document contain 3-D Secure integration information.

ePDQ Push Reports

Guide on how to automate report delivery.

You need Adobe Reader to view the PDFs. If it's not installed on your computer, you can download it here for free.

Get Adobe Reader

Peace of mind

For added protection, our range of solutions have a number of security measures in place.

  • Enhanced fraud control
  • Card Security Code (CSC) verification
  • Customer address checks
  • Fully compliant PCI DSS solution
  • Ability to set different access levels for staff.

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Need something more?

ePDQ extra plus

If your business has extensive e-commerce requirements, our ePDQ extra plus solution provides a wide range of options, including a full integration (API) for you to host your own payment pages.

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ePDQ Batch

An ideal solution for organisations that only need to upload batches of transactions, yet still want the process to be as simple and secure as possible

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