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Contactless payments

Contactless payments Contactless payments

With a transaction speed of less than a second, contactless is the fastest card payment method in the UK - and even faster than cash.

Contactless enables your customers to make payments up to £20 without having to enter their PIN. They simply wave their contactless-enabled cards in front of the contactless reader on your terminal and the payment is taken instantly and securely.

  • No physical contact with the terminal.
  • No need for customers to enter a PIN¹.
  • No need for authorisation or receipts².

There are now 22.5 million contactless cards in circulation - over 17.2 million issued by Barclays Group alone³.

How contactless works

Our contactless solutions can be either standalone or integrated into your existing point-of-sale solution. Payments are usually authorised instantly, just like any other card transaction, only faster but just as securely.

How contactless works

  1. Process your goods as usual
  2. If the value is up to £20, prompt your customer to pay using their contactless card
  3. Customer holds their contactless card near the terminal/reader (no physical contact is needed)
  4. The terminal/reader signals that the card has been read and the transaction is approved.
The contactless transaction is processed using wireless technology. The payment instructions are securely exchanged between the chip on the contactless card and the point of sale terminal.

Benefits of contactless

The benefits of contactless for you and your customers

Faster payments (with contactless) enable you to serve customers in less time, which could lead to increased sales. Contactless also means less queuing and happier customers. And if they're happier they come back more often. Contactless customers spend more money too, with contactless technology...

Strength in numbers

  • 77%¹ reduction in queuing time
  • 70%¹ of people will walk away when the queue is too long
  • 25%¹ faster than cash
  • 14%² of users choose merchants because of their contactless facility

Improved cash management

  • Less cash to handle, with transactions paid into your bank account

Safe and sound

  • Less cash to handle means lower security risks and a full audit trail to track transactions

No fraudulent chargebacks

  • Guaranteed payment for contactless transactions processed in accordance with scheme rule
¹ Visa Deloitte report, 2008.
² 2008 US MasterCard PayPass Benchmark Study.

Why Barclaycard

Why choose Barclaycard?                                                  

Barclaycard has been at the forefront of contactless technology ever since the launch of the first cards in 2007. We're continuing to lead the way and in May 2011, together with Orange, launched Quick Tap - the UK's first contactless mobile phone payments service. It allows consumers to make purchases on the high street using their mobile phone.

  • A choice of terminals, from portable to desk-top solutions
  • Integration with your own EPOS solution and implementation support
  • Best practice recommendations
  • Professional marketing materials and expertise to help you promote the benefits to your customers
  • Expert help and advice

In good company

Barclaycard have installed over 52,000 contactless terminals in businesses across the UK. The leading brands we're already working with include Pret a Manger, EAT, Subway, Wembley Arena and Little Chef. We're also helping thousands of smaller businesses grow into bigger ones.

Eat. The Real Food Company EAT. The Real Food Company

"Too often we'd seen potential customers leave the store because the queue was too long. We were keen to put a stop to this."

"The advice and assistance we received from Barclaycard in both the development and implementation processes was second to none. In addition, once the technology was ready for installation, Barclaycard provided thorough training for our staff."

Rene Batsford,
Head of IT, EAT

Read the full case study PDF (1.72 MB)

Contactless payment is going mobile

This year, contactless payments are arriving on mobile phones thanks to Barclaycard PayTag. It’s the next chapter in the contactless story and puts this convenient way to pay on something your customers have in their hands ever day.

PayTag allows you to accept payments in the same way as contactless cards so you can process transactions quickly. Great for your customers and great for your business.
Learn more about PayTag

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New Barclaycard PayTag

New Barclaycard PayTag

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¹ Only occasionally, for security purposes, customers will be asked to enter their PIN to confirm a contactless payment.
² Customers may request a terminal receipt if needed.
³ UK Cards Association, December 2011.