Mobile Phone Electronic Top Up (E-Top Up)

Mobile phone electronic top ups - E-Top Ups
  • Free transaction phone calls
  • One PDQ terminal used, so no need to create extra space or install a new phone line
  • Point of sale materials given to you, free of charge
  • You could increase footfall and sales for your business


Increase your profits with electronic top ups

Increase your profits with electronic top ups

We've partnered with leading mobile phone networks, to help you tap into the multimillion pound pay-as-you-go market.

Offering E-Top Ups to customers is an excellent way to increase revenue, for little outlay, using your existing PDQ terminal. With our free promotional materials, spreading the word about your new service for increased customer numbers is easy, earning you even more commission.

How E-Top Ups work

In store:

  1. Customers visit your business, with their network's swipe card, to top up their airtime.
  2. They tell you how much credit they'd like to add, and pay for it.
  3. You top up their network card which has a green Top Up logo, by swiping it through your PDQ terminal, and their increased talk time is reflected right away.
  4. The terminal prints out a receipt showing their phone number and amount of airtime bought.

To help you monitor this extra income:

  • We keep a record of all the airtime you've sold, payments you've accepted, and commission earned.
  • You receive a monthly statement from us, showing all your E-Top Up transactions, commission and collections.

Low prices, yet excellent commission

To help your business offer E-Top Ups with as little outlay as possible, you can rent a terminal or choose our card transaction payment option, depending on the type of business you're in.

Our pricing is flexible and competitive, with the following benefits:

  • One terminal can be used for all card transactions, at no extra cost.
  • Unlike scratch cards, which are susceptible to theft, E-Top Ups do not tie up your cash flow.

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