Barclaycard Commercial Visa Gold Credit Card

Visa gold credit card

Together, we’ll get your business where you want it to be

You know where you want your business to go, but getting there isn’t always easy. With all the features of our Commercial credit card behind you, you can simplify admin, separate your business and personal spend, streamline your finances and set your sights on what really matters: growing your business.

As a Barclaycard Commercial Visa customer, you have a wide range of features and benefits to help keep your business on the up and up. With access to over 27 million outlets worldwide, in 150 countries as well as 1 million ATMs around the world*, your card can be used for all your business expenditure, wherever your business takes you.
If you currently hold a Barclaycard Business Visa Card, we will issue you with a Barclaycard Commercial Visa Gold credit card to replace it when it expires.


Cash flow when you need it most

With the flexibility of extra credit at your disposal, your card can be used to meet all of your usual payments, develop your business, or cover any unexpected costs. Whatever happens, we can help keep your cash flowing.

Control is in your hands

You can keep track of your expenditure through detailed monthly statements (also available online), which summarise your overall expenditure and itemise individual cardholder spend. You can also set individual spending limits for each cardholder, keeping you in overall control.
Using your Barclaycard Commercial Credit Card is a great way to separate your business and personal spend, making your expenses even easier to control.

Flexibility of Spend

Your card is not just for travel and entertainment costs. It can also be used for general retail and wholesale costs, fuel, and vehicle servicing and maintenance. Use your card to its full potential to help keep your business moving forwards.

Online access so you can keep a close eye on expenses

Access transactions and management reports online which help simplify your accounting processes.
Find out more about online services if you haven’t already registered.

Up to 56 days of interest-free credit

From the date of transaction when your balance is paid in full and on time each month.

Keeping your card safe

We have several features to help protect you and your card from fraudulent activity face-to-face and online.
  • Chip and PIN – use you card and PIN together and you’ll be less likely to suffer from card fraud.
  • Barclaycard Secure – protection for online payments
  • Online Protection – monitoring online transactions to identify suspicious activity

Security when you need it most

On top of running a business, you don’t want sleepless nights worrying about security. With us you can rest easy as we offer you a host of services to help safeguard your business. These include purchase protection and cardholder misuse protection.

Exclusive business discounts with your Visa Card

Barclaycard Commercial has teamed up with Visa and other business partners, to bring you a variety of discounts, saving you money as you go about your business.

How to

Report a card lost or stolen

If you’ve misplaced your card or been a victim of crime, call one of the numbers below, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

0800 008 008


+44 (0)1642 876 603

Once you have spoken to our Lost and Stolen team you will need to complete this
Disclaimer form PDF (238.592KB)

Set up a direct debit payment

If you want to set up a Direct Debit payment on your account you will need to complete a Direct Debit Mandate .
Fill in your details online, print, sign and return to the address printed on the mandate.

Until you receive notification on your statement that your payment will be taken by Direct Debit, then please continue to pay your account in the usual way.

Need more help?

If you need any assistance at all, please call our customer services team on

0800 008 008

any time from 8am – 8pm on Monday to Friday
and between 8am and 6pm on Saturday.

Online services

If you have already registered for online services all you now need to do is click the green log in button above and enter in your credentials.

If you still need to register or you just want to find out more view our online services information page

Insurance & Security

All business credit cards from Barclaycard Commercial come with added insurance benefits to protect your business in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Online payment and fraud protection

We’re committed to making it safer for our customers to shop face-to-face and online with:

Chip and PIN
Use your card and PIN together and you’ll be less likely to suffer from card fraud.

Online Protection
We continually monitor online transactions to help identify any suspicious activity and protect you from fraud.  If a fraudulent transaction takes place, your business won’t be liable.

Barclaycard Secure
Protects your card against fraudulent use when you shop online at participating retailers. In association with Verified by Visa, it works in the same way that chip and PIN does in shops.

Find out more about Barclaycard secure or register your card or log in.

Read more about security advice for cardholders.

Terms & conditions apply

Cardholder Misuse Insurance

Card misuse Should you find that one of your cardholders has used their card inappropriately and you’re unable to get them to reimburse you, you could be covered for up to £15,000 per cardholder, and up to £1,000,000 each year for the business as a whole.

This cover also extends to contract and temporary staff. You will be able to claim for all fraudulent card transactions that took place in the 75 days before discovery of your loss, and for any further transactions that may come to light in the 14 days following you notifying us of the loss.

Before making a claim, it’s worth checking your insurance document, so you know what exclusions apply.
To make a claim please contact our claims handling.

Terms and conditions apply

Read Gold card insurance benefits and exclusions PDF (220.16KB)

90 day Purchase Protection

Purchase protection When you buy eligible goods worth over £50 with your business credit card, you’re protected against accidental damage, loss or theft for the first 90 days, subject to an excess of £50.

You’ll be covered for:

  • Any single item up to £2,500
  • Any one occurrence up to £6,000 for each and every card
  • An aggregate of £10,000

Before making a claim, it’s worth checking your insurance document, so you know what exclusions apply. 
To make a claim please contact our claims handling.

Terms and conditions apply

Read Gold card insurance benefits and exclusions PDF (220.16KB)

Extra benefits

Your Barclaycard Commercial Credit card is well connected with all these exclusive, discounted rates, specifically negotiated for your business.


We offer discounted AA membership for your business, plus preferential rates for specialist vehicles like taxis and buses.
The AA


Visa cardholders get discounts of up to 15% off all office supplies. Call 0800 801 9010 and quote 'Barclaycard Commercial'
Ryman Stationers‎
*According to information reported by Visa by its customers, Barclaycard Commercial Visa can be accepted at more than 27 million outlets and 1 million ATMs.

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