International Payment Management

Global capabilties - Uncover new oppurtunities


We’ll help you see your multinational spend in one place, through one process, under one supplier.

One of the most frustrating problems for modern businesses is how difficult it is to control what’s happening across borders and currencies. Despite technological advances, managing multinational spend is still extremely complicated, creating mountains of admin work. But now no matter the distance between payments being made, they’re easier to manage than ever before.

  • Expense management capabilities across currencies
  • Robust reporting and visibility across multinational spend
  • Ongoing support, starting from the implementation process
  • Consistent policies and processes across borders
  • Local currency billing, where provided
  • Local expertise with customer service in multiple languages
  • Cards accepted at over 28m merchants worldwide*
  • No paper statements – it's all online when you need it

How it works

How it works

Our centralised solution helps you increase efficiency across borders by allowing a global view of transactions across different currencies. By cutting out manual invoice settlement, credit checks and other processes, we can drive significant cost-savings. And by streamlining your expense management, you’ll be free to concentrate on tasks that add value to your business and keep you one step ahead of the competition.

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