Preventing common types of fraud

Barclaycard offer a full online fraud and credit card protection service.
Our fraud system monitors your account 24/7, while our dedicated fraud team is always on hand if you need to speak to us. How to contact us.

Fraud can happen at any time without warning, so you need to know when you're most at risk. Take a look at some of the most common types of fraud below and find out how you can protect yourself against them.

Identity theft 

What is it?

Identify theft is when your personal and financial details fall into the wrong hands. Your information can then be used to fraudulently take out loans, credit cards and even mortgages in your name.

Account takeover and application fraud are two types of identity theft when fraudsters access your credit cards or bank accounts. They can then purchase items by phone and via the internet, and even change the details on your account.

Be careful about how you dispose of sensitive information such as letters that contain your account details. Don't just bin it - shred it or make it unreadable.

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Counterfeit fraud

What is it?

This is when someone copies the data from your card's magnetic strip on to another card without you knowing - it's often referred to as 'skimming' - a common method of compromising data to then make counterfeit transactions. This usually happens if your card is swiped through a copying device.

Always make sure you can see your card when making a transaction and never disclose your PIN. If you think you're at risk of counterfeit fraud, get in touch straight away - our fraud team are here to help.

Cash machine fraud

What is it?

This is when a fraudster accesses your information by attaching a device to a cash machine so that it reads and stores your card details.

Before you insert your card make sure the cash machine isn't damaged or has anything which looks out of the ordinary fixed to it. Make sure you cover your PIN when using a cash machine and always be aware of anyone looking over your shoulder.

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Card not delivered

What is this?

This is when your new card is intercepted in the post before it reaches you.

We'll let you know how long it should take for your card to arrive. If it doesn't arrive within this time, you'll need to get in touch as soon as you can and report it to your local post office too.

Lost or stolen cards

Whether your card has been stolen or you've misplaced it, make sure you contact us straight away on
+44 (0) 1604 230 230 Call charges apply