Preventing common types of fraud

Barclaycard offer a full online fraud and credit card protection service.
There are various types of fraud, here are the most common:

Identity theft/ Account takeover fraud

Identity fraud occurs when your personal or financial details are taken without your knowledge. Information is then used to take out credit cards, loans or mortgages in your name. Account Takeover is where a fraudster gains access to existing credit cards or bank accounts. They'll spend on those accounts, buying items over the phone or internet or wherever the cardholder doesn't need to be present. Always be very careful about how you keep and dispose of anything with sensitive information on it. Don't just bin it or recycle it - make it illegible or shred it first. Get more information on Account Takeover/Identity Theft Fraud.

Lost or stolen cards

It's easy to lose your card(s) or have it stolen. You could drop it in a shop, someone could pick your pocket, or you could simply put it down and forget it. If your card(s) is lost or stolen, then please tell us straightaway on
+44 (0)1604 230 230

Counterfeit fraud

Skimming is when someone copies the data from your card(s) magnetic strip onto another card without your knowledge. Usually this could happen if the card(s) is swiped through a copying device when the card(s) is out of sight. Always make sure you can see your card(s) when you're making a transaction. If someone asks for your PIN and refuses to bring the PIN machine to you, refuse to give it to them, take your card and call us immediately.

Postal Interceptions

This is when card(s) are stolen in the post before the cardholder receives them. So if you're expecting a new card(s) through the post and it doesn't arrive, call us and report it to your local Post Office, too.

Cash machine (ATM) fraud

Another way a fraudster can get your details is to tamper with a cash point machine so that it reads and stores your card details after you have used it. Find out what you should be looking for when using an ATM.