Credit Card Fraud Prevention

What to do about fraud? Barclaycard credit cards offer credit card protection as a standard fraud prevention.

Safe and secure

How we help keep you safe and secure

Our fraud detection system monitors your account 24/7
If we need to check any transactions with you, we'll get in touch by:

On the Move text or

phone icon phone

Using automated texts and phone calls, or calling you in person, allows us to get in touch quickly to help protect you against fraud. And as we can contact you by text message 24 hours a day, we can reach you whatever time zone you're in.

What happens when we call or text you?

Our text message or automated call will ask you to confirm the transactions that we need to check on your account. To do this, you'll just need to follow the instructions we give you.

If you do recognise the transactions, simply confirm they're genuine and carry on making the most of your Barclaycard.

If you don't recognise the transactions, our fraud team is on hand to help. You'll have the option to connect to one of our advisors who will give you details of the transactions so you can confirm whether they're genuine of not. You can find out more about what to do if you suspect fraud.

On some occasions our fraud team may need to speak to you by phone to confirm activity on your account, but we'll never ask for your PIN, online login details or full passcodes.

Getting in touch with you - it's important that you keep your account details up to date, so we can contact you as soon as possible. Register or log in to your Barclaycard account.

Make sure it's Barclaycard

Keeping your account secure is our biggest priority - that's why we'll never ask for your PIN, online login details or full passcodes. If you receive a text message, call or email asking for this information, please let us know immediately.  Contact our fraud team.

Use our number checker to validate the Barclaycard fraud team telephone and text numbers.

Protecting your card if it becomes at risk

If we ever think your card may be at risk, we'll need to cancel it and send a replacement to you, which will be with you in 3 to 5 working days. Simply follow the instructions on the automated call, and safely destroy all cards on the account including those of any additional cardholders.

If there is fraud identified on your account, rest assured our fraud team is here to help, every step of the way. You'll be refunded for the transactions you don't recognise as long as you take all reasonable precautions outlined in your account terms and conditions. We'll also refund any fees and charges incorrectly applied to your account.
How to protect your Barclaycard

What you can do to protect your Barclaycard

Whether you're hitting the high street or making a balance transfer, you need to make sure you keep your Barclaycard safe. That's why we've created these handy guides to help keep your card, PIN and account details protected:

  1. Sign the back of the card as soon as you receive it
  2. Don't let anyone else use it
  3. If you lose it - tell us straight away
  4. Make a note of our lost and stolen emergency number +44 (0)1604 230 230 Call charges apply
  5. Check out our guide on how to protect yourself when online

  1. Don't write it down or tell anyone what it is
  2. If you change it - make sure it's not obvious or easy to guess, such as consecutive numbers (1234)
  3. Never use it when making a mail order or internet transaction - only the three digit security number is needed
  4. Never disclose you PIN over the phone

  1. Keep the information we have for you up to date so we can contact you if we spot something suspicious
  2. Destroy old cards by cutting the chip and magnetic strip
  3. Always keep your receipts and dispose of them by shredding
  4. For extra security when you're shopping online, use Barclayard Secure

Barclaycard Secure gives you extra security when you shop online. We use technology from Verified by Visa, MasterCard Secure Code and American Express SafeKey® to help protect you against unauthorised use. All you need to do is sign up and create a memorable password that no-one else will guess.

Find out more and sign up for Barclayard Secure