Barclaycard online account services

Discover all the great features of a Barclaycard online account, register or login to tailor your account settings and statement method.

Designed to fit around you, Barclaycard online account services is the free, flexible and secure online service that helps you manage your account however you like. In an instant you can access your balance, statements and check your latest transactions - all on your desktop, tablet or mobile.

Below are some of the online features that you can use and adjust at any time to suit you.

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Barclaycard app

Download the new Barclaycard app

Now there's a new way to access your account. Download the free Barclaycard app, for an easy and secure way to manage your account, whenever and wherever you want. Just visit the App storeSM or Google playTM and search for Barclaycard.

Find out more and download the Barclaycard app

Change Credit Limit

Want to change your credit limit?

Whether you’re looking for a little bit more or just want to reduce your spending, with a Barclaycard online account you can ask to increase or reduce your credit limit at any time - and you’ll get a response instantly.

Log in to Barclaycard online account services and click on ‘Request new credit limit’

secure padlock

Get in touch, securely

It’s not always convenient to phone, and email isn’t always secure, so we created secure messaging. It’s just like email but it’s within your Barclaycard account, so it’s completely private and secure. Now you can contact us securely and get a reply within 24 hours.

To send a message, log in to Barclaycard online account services and click on ‘Your messages’

ways to pay bill

Ways to pay your bill

However you choose to pay your Barclaycard bill, you can do it how and when it suits you with your Barclaycard account, either online or on a mobile. You can quickly set up a monthly Direct Debit payment or a free text/email alert that you’ll get when your bill is due.

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Piechart icon

See your account, live

We understand how busy life can be. And the importance of keeping track of your latest balance. With your Barclaycard account you can get up-to-the-minute account information by simply logging in at any time of the day or night.

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Statement Options

View statements the way you want

We can send you a secure PDF via email so you’ll have your statement in an instant, or you can log in to view up to a year’s worth of details online. If you prefer, we can post your statement. We'll tell you when your next statement is ready with a text/email.

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Additional Cardholder

Add someone else

Give a loved one their own Barclaycard(s) and keep a clear view of their spending with Barclaycard account services. There’s no lengthy credit checks or form filling, so you’ll get the card in a few of weeks. Ensure they’re a close family member, over 18 and live at your address.

Find out more about adding another cardholder

Pin icon

Forgotten your PIN

You can check your credit card PIN immediately with Barclaycard account services, so there’s no waiting to receive it in the post. Simply log in and answer a few security questions and your PIN will be displayed on screen straight away.

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Balance Transfer

Make a balance transfer

Having all your store and credit card balances in one place makes it easier to look after and could save you money too. Simply log in to Barclaycard online account services now to see your latest balance transfer offer. A handling fee may apply.

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Alerts icon

Choose your alerts

Whether you want a weekly balance update, nearing your credit limit alert or confirmation your payment's arrived safely, with Barclaycard online account services you choose how and when you receive your alerts – by text or email, it’s up to you.

Login to your Barclaycard account to see set up or change your alerts