Balance Transfers

Find out about how balance transfers work and how they can benefit your finances, browse Barclaycard's choice of balance transfer offers.

Balance transfer cards are a great way to get a break from paying higher interest rates. If you currently have a balance on a store or credit card that’s not within the Barclays Group, our selection of balance transfer credit cards may be ideal.

We offer interest-free balance transfers for specific periods of time or cards with long term low rates. Even with a handling fee to pay, you could save money over the term of the offer that can be put towards paying down your balance or used elsewhere.

Remember, until you repay your full statement balance (including your transferred balance) in full, you will incur interest on all your purchases at your standard purchase rate up until the day they are repaid. This applies even if you repay your monthly spend in full each month.

To see your latest balance transfer offer, simply log into or register for mybarclaycard online servicing and you’ll find your offer on the right-hand side of your screen.

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How balance transfers work

We’ve put together some general information about our balance transfer credit cards. If you’re interested in a particular card, it’s also worth reading the specific details about it.

When you can transfer a balance

When you can transfer a balance

As long as you have enough credit in your account, you can transfer a balance to us at anytime. If your Barclaycard account has a balance transfer offer, just make the transfer in the 60 days after opening your account to get the promotional rate. Once you’ve made a transfer, it’s safer to keep making payments to your other lender until the balance is showing on your Barclaycard statement.

How much you're able to transfer

How much you’re able to transfer

If you already have a Barclaycard(s), you’ll have to transfer at least £100. And if you’re a new customer, the minimum amount is £250. The maximum amount varies depending on which credit card you’ve applied for. To transfer more than your Barclaycard account allows, or increase your credit limit, why not call us to see if we’re able to help? Call us on:

0844 811 9181

Rates of interest you may pay

Rates of interest you may pay

To offer you greater flexibility and savings, we regularly offer interest-free or promotional balance transfer rates, for varying periods of time. For instance, a promotional rate may roll from month to month, have a fixed term like 6, 9 or 12 months, or apply until your balance is paid in full. With some of our cards, there may be a handling fee to pay when you make a balance transfer, which is usually a percentage of the amount you’re transferring. You’ll find details about specific promotional rates and how long they apply for on specific credit card pages.

What your monthly repayments will be

What your monthly repayments will be

If you have a balance on your account you should always make the minimum payment, at the very least, when it’s due. This amount is clearly shown on your monthly statement, along with the date it needs to be paid by. Try to pay more than the minimum if you can, so you can save money by paying less interest and clearing your balances off sooner. Should you miss a payment or spend more than your credit limit, you will lose your promotional balance transfer rate and be charged at your standard rate instead.

How your payments are used

How your payments are used

We will use your payments to pay down your balance in this order:
  • Firstly, your cash withdrawals are repaid
  • Next, we pay off your standard purchases
  • Finally, the payment goes towards your transferred balance until it's fully paid off.
While your transferred balance is being paid off, any purchases you make are added to your account, increasing your standard balance. Once the promotional period is over or your transferred balance has been paid in full, your standard balance starts being reduced.

Transferring a balance online

Transferring a balance online

Managing your balance transfers is easy with mybarclaycard, our convenient online account service. It’s quick to register. Just fill in your credit card, credit limit and a few personal details. Once you’re logged in:
  • Start by selecting the option to ‘Transfer a balance’.
  • Tell us how much you’d like to transfer and which card you’d like to transfer it from.
  • Let us know you’ve read the terms and conditions.
And that’s it. As long as you’re requesting an amount that’s no more than £5,000 or 90% of your credit limit, whichever’s lower, you’ll get confirmation right away. Register  or log in to mybarclaycard .

How to transfer a balance to us

If you’re a new customer

Whether you’d like an interest-free balance transfer, long term low rate, a card with no handling fee to pay for transfers, or one that’s great for both purchases and balance transfers, we have a card for you.

Browse our range of balance transfer cards

If you already have a Barclaycard(s)

We have an exciting balance transfer offer just for our customers. Transfer any amount up to £5,000 or 90% of your credit limit, whichever’s lower, and pay a low rate of just 6.9% interest until it’s paid in full.

Make sure you’ve read our balance transfers terms and conditions before you apply.