Sentinel® Gold Card Protection Existing Policies

Sentinel Gold Card Protection Insurance, find contact information on your existing policy.

Sentinel®Gold Card Protection

Sentinel®Gold Card Protection is provided by Affinion International Ltd. This product is no longer available to purchase.

Useful Contact Numbers (home and abroad)

Claims -  0800 023 4318/ From abroad +44 (0)2392 652 222 (24/7)
General Customer Service - 0800 023 4318
If you want to write to Sentinel® the address is Sentinel Gold
Sentinel House
Airspeed Road

To cancel your policy…

Call Affinion on 0800 023 4318 Calls to 0800 numbers are free if made from a UK landline You have a statutory right to cancel your policy within 14 days of your renewal date and obtain a refund

Frequently Asked Questions

What am I covered for?
Please call Sentinel®Gold on 0800 023 4318 to discuss your specific policy

What do I do if my cards are lost or stolen?
Please call Sentinel®Gold on 0800 023 4318

How do I update my details?
Please call Sentinel®Gold on 0800 023 4318

How do I make a claim?
Please call Sentinel®Gold on 0800 023 4318 (+44 (0)2392 652 222 from abroad)

How do I register my cards?
Please call Sentinel®Gold on 0800 023 4318

What if I lose my handbag or wallet while I am abroad?
Call Sentinel®Gold using one of the following numbers free of charge (no additional country codes needed):

From: Spain 900 984 479
France 0800 907209
U.S.A. 18004 737 594
Portugal 800 844 054
Italy 800 876 064
Irish Republic 1 800 626 700 If the country you are in isn’t listed above, call +44 (0)2392 652 222

Who provides my policy?
Sentinel®Gold is a trading name and registered trademark of Affinion International Limited.  Affinion International Limited acts as an intermediary for arranging the insurance and provides the administration of the associated services.