Using the Barclaycard Anywhere Portal

Barclaycard Anywhere has its own dedicated portal, where you can access useful information and manage your business account.
Only the business owner who set up the Anywhere service can view all transactions. If the business owner sets up employees to take payments, the employee can only see their own transactions.

The month selector

1. Use the arrows on either side of the month selector above the graph to choose the right month.

The date selector

2. Move your mouse over the graph and a circular blue icon will appear. Drag the icon to a date to view that day’s transactions.

All transactions for that day appear below.

Only the business owner can export all transactions. Employees are only able to export their own transactions.

The Export data button

1.    Click the ‘Export Data’ button at the top right of the graph.

A popup titled ‘Transactions Statistics’ appears.

The Transactions Statistics popup

2.    Select the start and end date of the range you wish to export.

Please note: the date format is currently set to US format - MM/DD/YY.

The Transactions Statistics popup

3. The delimiter field should be set to Comma. If it isn’t, select Comma from the dropdown.

The Transactions Statistics popup

4. Click the blue ‘Export as CSV’ button.

A CSV file will be downloaded into your Downloads folder.

Only the business owner can add employees.

The Settings tab

1.    Select ‘Settings’

The Employees tab

2.    Select the ‘Employees’ tab

If you are adding your first employee, click the ‘Activate employee’ feature button before moving onto step 3.

The Invite Employee button

3.    Click the ‘Invite employee’ button.

The Employee information popup

4.    Enter the employee’s email address and name

Tick the checkbox if you want the employee to be able to process refunds via the app and portal.

The Employee pending message

5.    Click the ‘Invite employee’ button

The new employee will now appear in the Employees list. Their status will show as ‘Waiting for invite confirmation’. Once they have accepted the invitation, the status will change to ‘Active’.

The employee will now receive an email containing a link they can use to create their own password for their portal account.

Only the business owner can delete employees.

The Settings tab

1. Select ‘Settings’

The Employees tab

2. Select the ‘Employees’ tab

The Remove employee button

3. Find the employee you wish to delete, then click the X to the right of their name

A confirmation popup is created.

The Remove employee popup

4.    Click the ‘Remove employee’ button in the popup.

You can also use the portal to issue a refund or to issue a receipt.