Your Barclaycard Anywhere documents

Your Barclaycard Anywhere documents

What you need to know

These documents make up the agreement you accepted as part of your application. Don’t forget to keep copies by downloading and saving the documents to your device. This will help you to view them again when needed. You can request a copy of your agreement at any time by contacting our customer services team.

Merchant terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of accepting card payments with Barclaycard.

Getting started

Your quick guide to getting set up and taking your first payment.

Barclaycard Anywhere additional conditions

Specific Barclaycard Anywhere conditions of use.

Help and support

Having trouble? Our handy videos and resources are here to help.

Barclaycard Anywhere charges and fees

A breakdown of what we charge you to process your transactions.

Need to contact us?

Get in touch and we’ll do everything we can to help.

Additional GDPR terms

Additional GDPR terms for the merchant terms and conditions.

Privacy policy

How we use your information and keep your data safe.

Interchange and scheme fee guide

A breakdown of what we pay to process your transactions.

Procedure guide

Your guide to the processes and procedures you should follow when accepting payments.