Barclaycard Anywhere card reader

Barclaycard Anywhere

Take payments in store or on the move

With our Barclaycard Anywhere card reader – now with easy online application

One-off payment

£29 plus VAT

Contract length

Pay as you go

Transaction costs


View all terms and conditions. The approval of your application depends on financial circumstance and borrowing history.

Barclaycard anywhere

Cash in on Chip and PIN or contactless sales

Our pocket-sized card reader is packed with power to help you take credit, debit and digital card payments all day long. So whether your customers want to pop in their card or tap and go, they can pay in a way that suits them best.

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Keep customer data under wraps

It’s easy to manage payments in real-time with the Barclaycard Anywhere app on your mobile device. It’s available to download from the App store or the Play store. Once you’ve done that, connect your card reader via Bluetooth and you can trust that payments and data are encrypted.

Works with iOS 10.0 or Android 5.0 and above.  

Barclaycard anywhere

Three simple steps to taking card payments

Barclaycard anywhere

Step 1

Open your Barclaycard Anywhere app and enter the total

Barclaycard anywhere

Step 2

Ask your customer to tap or insert their card and await confirmation 

Barclaycard anywhere

Step 3 

Tap your customer’s email into the app to send them a digital receipt    

Barclaycard anywhere

Data to drive your business forward

Enjoy the benefit of real-time transaction data and export functionality.

Track your totals in real-time

Check sales, issue e-receipts and give refunds, all from your online personalised dashboard

Export your data

Make accounting easier by exporting your data to a spreadsheet (.csv)

Manage employees

Add multiple users on a single account and give them selected features

Here’s how to apply

Tell us about your business and we’ll run checks. We’ll then courier your card reader if your application is accepted

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