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Making a sale

Shift your shoppers from ‘browse’ to ‘buy’

Basket abandonment costs British retailers over £3.4 billion in lost sales every year.

86% of people browsing online save items to wish lists and shopping baskets. But only half the items in these baskets end up actually being bought.

Our Smartpay products are created with increased conversion in mind. We make paying easy and mobile friendly. [1]

Learn more about how to stop basket abandonment 

Shifting shoppers from browse to buy

What can you do?

Track your buyers' habits - target them more effectively to help them buy.

  • Make sure you've got a smooth user experience - make sure your website is easy to use and works equally well across desktop, tablet and mobile.

Make paying easy - use a payment gateway with tokenisation to remember customers card details.

Encourage a purchase - send a simple, automated, incentive email to customers who have items in their wish lists or baskets.

Knowing your customers

Four reasons why tokenisation is important

Tokenisation is the process of masking a customer’s card details during payment by replacing them with an algorithmically generated number, also referred to as a ‘token’. Simple, right?

But why do payment gateways use tokenisation and what are the benefits to the merchant and the customer? Smartpay supports tokenisation, so you can improve customer experience. 

Find out why payment gateways use tokenisation

1. Improves security online – reduces the risk of card details being     compromised or stolen.

2. Reduces PCI DSS burden – the merchant doesn’t store any card     details.

3. Improves customer experience – shoppers can interact seamlessly     across different offline and digital channels.

4. Enables repeat purchases – without the need to fill in the payment     form every time a customer makes a purchase.

Find out why payment gateways use tokenisation

Taking a payment

A fifth of declined payments aren't actually fraud [1]

Unfortunately one of the most common reasons for a sale being declined is a ‘false positive’ – legitimate cardholders who have been incorrectly identified as fraudsters. Smartpay is designed to help you close the sale.

What you can do to reduce false positives 

What can you do?

  • Find 'invisible' options - to keep your checkout process as frictionless and fraud-free as possible, such as geolocation, behavioural analytics and device fingerprinting. 
  • Monitor - look at your payment acceptance partners' capabilities and performance for helping to prevent fraud.

Be selective - choose partners that meet your changing requirements for flexibility and transparency

Identify - use additional partners for specific aspects of your business, such as mobile and international payments. 

Building loyalty

Six tips to help improve customer loyalty

The internet has transformed retail, bringing a wealth of opportunities to UK businesses. But it has also brought challenges. One of those is around loyalty. But while the rules of the game have changed, that doesn’t mean you can’t still win. 

With tokenisation and reporting, Smartpay gives you the right tools to make it easy for your customers to keep coming back. 

Learn more about how to keep your customers coming back

  1. Get the experience right - a good customer journey makes buying a breeze. A bad one can blow transactions seriously off course.
  2. Deliver through data - push recommendations to customers based on previous purchases. 
  3. Keep talking - live chat, engaging on social media and prompt personal responses to email queries are all good methods
  4. Keep listening - ask customers what they'd like to see from your business
  5. Keep an eye out - look at trends in products and payments. 
  6. Say thank you - whether it’s a small gift or a similar token of appreciation, showing your gratitude helps create a good feeling.

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