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Getting to know Barclaycard Smartpay

Making setting up easier

Keeping you up and running

Getting to know Barclaycard Smartpay

All businesses are unique; the Barclaycard Smartpay gateway reflects that. Our experts can advise how to set up your gateway to suit your business.

We can help you with: 

Getting ready for integration

Understanding fraud and PCI-DSS

Customising the gateway for your business

Future-proofing your payments

Which payment types to take

Understanding costs and effort needed to set up

"I'll try to understand as much as I can about your business. Doing that helps me to identify the right gateway requirements for you."

Doug Rainsbury
Account Development Executive, Barclaycard Payment Solutions

Making setting up easier

Maybe you're a developer integrating Barclaycard Smartpay, or a merchant getting to grips with setting up your gateway. Whatever it is you need to know, we've got experts who can guide you. 

We can help you with -  

Your integration and plug ins

Optimising your payments for mobile

Configuring your gateway to meet your needs

Understanding how you may need to set up your fraud rules

Managing your 3-D Secure acceptance

Using reconciliation and reporting

“There may be a question we can answer or a simple solution we can give that will save you time.”

Selene Savage
Gateway Team Leader

Keeping you up and running

We’re here so you can get the best from Barclaycard Smartpay. You can rely on us; we’re always here in the background helping to keep your business going. 

We can help you with: 

Day-to-day financial queries, updates and user access

Managing and updating your gateway

Technical expertise for your business

Helping you to understand PCI DSS compliance

System status updates

We can share:

  • Trends in payment technology

  • Tips for optimising your gateway

Latest software development updates

"I really enjoy helping people get the most out of their gateway."

Shaddy Omar
Payment Gateway Consultant

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