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Help protect your business with Barclaycard Smartpay

Data breaches and fraud can be costly. Barclaycard understands the risks that any business faces, so we have dedicated departments working hard to help you keep one step ahead of fraudsters.

Fine-tuned fraud protection

Your fraud settings can be fine-tuned to suit the kind of business you have and the kind of payments you want to take. Whether you take contactless, chip and PIN or recurring payments we’ve got the tools for you. Our protection tools are always working in the background to help you minimise risk.

With Barclaycard Smartpay you get a wide range of security and fraud tools including - 

Configurable fraud rules

Tokenisation for secure recurring payments

Secure data encryption

PCI DSS compliant gateway

3-D Secure 

"Barclaycard work round-the-clock to help protect your business from fraud"

Chris Hubbard
Fraud Products Manager

Helping to keep payments secure

What is PCI DSS?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements which explains how to protect your business and your customers when taking payments.

Need to know more about PCI DSS compliance?

"Using a PCI compliant solution  is key for secure data."

Shanee Charles
Payment Security Risk Manager

Being PCI and DSS compliant

Help to prevent data being lost or stolen

Saves investigation and remediation costs

Helps to protect your brand reputation

Helps to prevent penalties and charges

Our fraud protection

Helps to stop fraudulent transactions

Helps you to process genuine transactions

Helps to protect your brand reputation

Helps stop financial loss

Letting genuine customers make purchases

One of the most common reasons for a sale being declined is a ‘false positive’ – legitimate cardholders who have been incorrectly identified as fraudsters.

We’re not only working to stop fraud, we also work on making sure you don’t stop genuine customers from making their purchases.

Read more about how to reduce false positives

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