Online payment solutions

Online payment solutions

Why accept online payments? 

Success doesn’t come from keeping pace. It comes from setting it. How? By providing online payment options that show you understand what your customers need.

How it will benefit your business 

Our payment platform will integrate easily into your existing system, so there’s no disruption to your customers, your service or your financial management. And it delivers a range of benefits, including:

New ways to expand your market – ecommerce is growing rapidly across Europe and beyond

  • A payment service that works across any channel, bringing you reliable reporting and reconciliation
  • 99.9% service reliability, so there’s very little chance you’ll ever miss a sale 
  • Payment pages customised with your logo and branding to reassure customers that they’re in a safe and secure environment
  • The experience and expertise of Barclaycard, offering a guarantee of great service
  • Consultations and regular updates on key industry trends through our dedicated Account Management teams. 

How it will benefit your customers

You’re offering them a simple way to pay every time, no matter how they access your site. Our online payment service pages are designed to work on any device, and customers can even personalise the page to settings that suit them. That’s backed by the highest security standards, offering reassurance that their payment details are safe. Essentially, it’s all about putting your customers’ needs first.

Everything you need in one place

Our system offers a single payment platform that works across all channels, from online stores to mobile apps to telephone sales. It can also accept a range of payments types, including multiple currencies, and has the flexibility to adapt to emerging payment types as they evolve. All of this enables your customers to make easy payments, and provides you with fast, accurate reporting and reconciliation no matter what methods are used.

Understanding your customers 

Every transaction you process creates data. That’s a lot of information about your customers and their buying behaviour. Our consultation service helps you analyse this information, and paint an accurate picture of who your customers are and how they want to deal with you. This information helps you find ways to increase sales, generate engagement with your brand, and compare yourself to your competition.

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