Prepaid gift cards

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Attract new customers and keep your existing ones coming back

Customised prepaid gift cards are an ideal way to improve cash flow and can help attract new customers to your business.  The average value loaded onto them is £25 but the amount can be considerably higher in some sectors.

Typically, gift card customers spend an extra 40% on top of the card value and successful card programmes can deliver between 1-3% of your total turnover*

E-vouchers or e-coupons can also be used as gifts, promotions, discounts or refunds, just like a prepaid gift card.

*, 2014


More than just a gift card

Prepaid gift cards are a convenient way for your customers to give a gift – and for you to make a sale. They can be custom-designed to promote your business and strengthen your brand image. They can also be used for so much more than present giving. You can use them as:

  • Refund Cards, keeping any money spent within your business
  • Savings Cards, to help your customers save for a special occasion or a high value item
  • Promotions Cards, sent out to special customers, encouraging them back to your store, business or website
  • Prizes for competitions, prize draws and other promotional campaigns
Everything is supported by your Barclaycard card terminal with a web-based management reporting tool.

You can also use cheaper, virtual alternatives such as digital e-vouchers – delivered by email or text message. They’re a cost-effective way to deliver discounts and promotions to large groups and can be redeemed online or in-store using unique codes keyed into the terminal or by scanning with a barcode reader.

Some promotional ideas

Depending on your business sector, you could use e-vouchers to deliver marketing campaigns, such as:

  • Get a free glass of wine when you spend £30 or more
  • Book two activities and get your third one half price
These can be redeemed by customers on site, via your EPOS tills or online using a unique code. You can make your campaign site specific, if you’re opening a new store, bar or restaurant. Or you could use it to attract customers at times when you’re not busy and drive extra off-peak trading.

You’re always in control

As well as customising the card design, to carry your branding, you’re also in control of the value, the expiry dates and terms and conditions of your prepaid gift cards.

Keeping track of them is easy too. We give you access to detailed Management Information reports – online, whenever you need it. You can view every customer’s prepaid gift card balance – and if you have more than one branch, you can see how each one is performing. Which makes it much easier to analyse customers spending patterns and forecast and plan for the future.

How they work

How to start offering prepaid gift cards to your customers

You don’t need to invest in any additional technology to offer prepaid gift cards to your customers. Get in touch with us and we’ll take you through the costs and talk you through the whole process.

  1. Once you’ve applied, we’ll send you a simple User Guide, explaining exactly how prepaid gift cards work
  2. We also work with you to make sure your terminals are activated to accept prepaid cards
  3. We’ll also help you train your staff, to make sure they know how to maximise returns from your prepaid gift card programme
  4. Your store details will be set up on our online reporting tools and we’ll make sure you’re fully trained to manage your cards and run reports
  5. Any questions? We’ll be in regular contact to find out how your prepaid gift card programme is performing and to share any best practice tips and advice

Using another electronic point of sale (EPOS) system?

You can still make prepaid gift cards work for your business. So why not contact us and we’ll show you how to integrate them into your system.

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