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There are a number of ways you can integrate with ePDQ. You and your client/employer should discuss the options and decide which is your preferred solution, but these are the most popular.

  • Our hosted payment page
    The card details are captured on a secure ePDQ domain, hosted by us.
  • DirectLink (API)
    You capture card details and send them to our platform via your own payment page.
  • FlexCheckout
    A payment page hosted by us, extremely customisable and can be embedded into your own website.
We have a website full of guides to help you integrate with ePDQ, but the most important ones are found in our guides section below.

A test account (sandbox) provides all the features of ePDQ in a secure environment. The merchant will have a test account specific to their site, however if you want one of your own, here’s how. 

Request an ePDQ test account using online form

Test account quick start guide PDF (2.04 MB) PDF (2.04 MB)

Integration guides

If you choose our hosted payments page

Quick start guide for setting up your payment page PDF (1.08 MB)
Read this first for basic requirements and framework, sample code, and look and feel tips.

ePDQ Basic Integration Guide PDF (246KB)
How to integrate your website or shop with our online secure payment page.

For DirectLink and FlexCheckout integrations

Direct Link QSG PDF (458KB)
Introduction to integrating with the API.

ePDQ Direct Link Guide PDF (99KB)
How to set up a server-to-server integration with ePDQ.

ePDQ Direct Link with 3D Secure PDF (32KB)
How to integrate the 3-D Secure protocol in DirectLink.

ePDQ PayPal integration guide PDF (240KB)
How to link your PayPal account to our API.

Configuration guides

ePDQ Fraud Detection Module (FDM) PDF (195KB)
ePDQ_Fraud Detection Module Checking (FDMC) User Guide PDF (886KB)
Guides needed to configure our fraud detection system.

ePDQ One Page Checkout (Alias Gateway) User Guide PDF (95KB)
How to host your payment page on your own domain without your server seeing or handling the card information.

ePDQ Push Reports PDF (78KB)
How to tailor transaction reports and have them sent to you by email or HTTP post automatically.

ePDQ Scheduled Payments User Guide PDF (101KB)
Scheduled payments allow customers to pay in several instalments. You can set this up using either HPP or the API.

ePDQ Subscription Manager User Guide PDF (44KB)
Subscription Manager allows you to create and store recurring payments in advance.

ePDQ Tokenisation Alias Manager PDF (161KB)
Alias manager lets you create a unique identifier for a customer, which can be used to quicken the checkout process for repeat customers. 

These are the most important guides, but if you need more help we have a whole website full of guides to help you integrate with ePDQ.

Using ePDQ to take card payments

ePDQ can integrate with a variety of off-the-shelf or plugin-based solutions. Here are a few we recommend.
Full service solution eCommerce suppliers with their own proprietary solutions:

Plugin-based integration eCommerce suppliers with open source solutions:

See below the latest versions of integration code - if you can’t see what you need, please get in touch.

Please note: By using the sample code available on this page you acknowledge that it is provided free of charge and for information purposes only.  As such, you agree that the content is indicative and not intended to provide any functionality in an actual integration situation between Barclaycard ePDQ and a third party online shop.  If re-using any of the content, you will rely on your own commercial and technical judgement as to its accuracy, completeness, quality and fitness for your purpose.

All the logos you need for your new payment page. Be sure to only select and display logos of payment methods your client accepts.

Download the following square images (288KB) :

Powered by Barclaycard logos - square

Download the following landscape images (217KB) :

Powered by Barclaycard logos
Please see below the individual card scheme logos, and the Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode and American Express SafeKey logos:

Visa logo

Verified by Visa logo

MasterCard logo

Maestro logo

MasterCard SecureCode logo
American Express logo
American Express Safekey logo
JCB logo

PayPal logo

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