Point of sale (POS) solution videos

Point of sale (POS) solution videos

Guides to get the most out of Barclaycard Smartpay Hub

We've put together useful videos to help you get to know Barclaycard Smartpay Hub by Epos Now. You'll find help with the dashboard, customer and staff management functions, as well as the stock take and stock management.

Get onto your dashboard


Your dashboard will give you a one-stop snapshot of your business activity, with easy-to-understand data and information.

Check out your sales, set up notifications, choose only the details you need and change your preferences whenever it suits you.

Manage your staff


Stay in control and easily edit levels of permission your staff need depending on their job roles.

You can edit staff details, roles and locations at the click of a button and easily track hours and payroll to help you forecast rotas and cash flow.

Understand your customers


Built-in CRM management helps you manage new and existing customers to build unique profiles from the first point of sale.

Use their spend, visit and transaction insights to help you reward your active customers and re-engage the less active customers.

Tackle your stock take


Easily see and review the amount of stock you’re holding and easily monitor discrepancies.

Whether you need to search individual products, create lists, search by suppliers or categories, once it’s completed, your stock will be stored accurately.

Manage your stock levels


Search by category or supplier and you’ll clearly see what stock you’ve got and what you need.

Access reports to help you set up email alerts for stock levels and easily order from your supplier list with full visibility of costs before you commit.

Smartpay Hub

An easy-to-use payment solution with a host of management tools to help reduce costs and grow your business.

Card machines

Desktop. Portable. Mobile. However you want to take payments, we’ve got card machines for your business.

Need a hand?

Visit our Smartpay Hub help & support pages for help setting up and troubleshooting.