3 things the right payment partner could do for your business

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Tom is the CEO of tourist attraction Upside Down House, and a Barclaycard Business customer. The 24-year-old entrepreneur reveals how he feels taking payments with Barclaycard has helped his growing business.

1. Being taken seriously

When starting Upside Down House, Tom’s business plan involved constructing a house built completely on its head to become a residential tourist attraction.

“My vision wasn’t your everyday business plan, it was hard to get people on board. Despite any challenges, I’ve always believed in my idea,” Tom says.

“Barclaycard took my business idea as seriously as any other, which really helped me get it off the ground. Now, I’m the CEO of Upside Down House. My advice for a growing business is to focus on your vision and get the right partners on board.”

“What helped was that my business was taken seriously.”

2. Helping customers pay quicker

Today, Upside Down House’s customers are looking for more convenient and quicker ways to pay – so they’re happy when they realise they can pay by card, says Tom.

“Now, over 40% of our payments have been taken by Barclaycard,” he says. “It can save our customers the time in going to a cash machine and getting the cash out, when they can just tap in, come in, and enjoy the attraction.

“My advice to other growing businesses is to go contactless with Barclaycard. It reduces queue time, and increases footfall. It’s secure for me and my customers – everybody wins.”

Upside down house

3. Having the confidence to innovate

Reinventing the customer experience is a key strategy that Upside Down House uses to encourage repeat visits. Tom’s advice for other growing businesses is to keep innovating – with the right support behind you.

“For example, on Valentine’s Day we dressed up the house to show how love was in the air. Doing this on particular holidays and seasons means the house can be a different experience for customers. From my perspective, if you keep innovating with your business, people will keep coming back,” he says.

“Barclaycard gives me the confidence to keep innovating, knowing they support successful businesses like mine.

"Focus on your vision – get the right partners on board.”

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