Could a better eCommerce platform rev up your payments performance?

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Even successful businesses need the right tools to run well and scale up, and family-run Profusion Exhausts is a great example of this. By partnering with us and BigCommerce, they replaced their overcomplicated and difficult-to-use legacy marketplace with a fully functioning, user-friendly eCommerce platform. To find out how we could improve your customer payments experience, call us on 0800 008 000, Monday to Friday, 8am – 5pm.

Profusion Exhausts, a family business founded in 2007, is a trusted community marketplace for people looking for high-quality stainless steel exhaust systems. A key element of the business is a fully-functioning, user-friendly eCommerce platform. However, the eCommerce platform Profusion Exhausts previously had made their online marketplace unnecessarily difficult to use.

What were the issues they faced?

“I set up the company almost 15 years ago with my father and, it’s safe to say, neither of us would classify ourselves as being hugely tech-savvy,” explains Raj Jagdev, Director of Profusion Exhausts.

This is where the issues became apparent, as the previous platform was overcomplicated. They realised they were constantly needing to call out experts who would charge considerable amounts to make small changes. As Raj says, “it simply wasn’t tenable”.

Payment headaches

“Our platform created problems when it came to our accounts as well,” Raj told us. “A customer would make a purchase and our eCommerce provider would take its fee prior to the finances hitting our bank account. It may not seem like a major problem on face value, but our invoices and bank transactions didn’t align. When you’re looking to a grow the business and conducting financial reconciliations, it’s a nightmare.”

Time to change gear

After meeting with their accountant to discuss the financial issues caused by Profusion Exhaust’s eCommerce platform, it soon became apparent the time had come to switch providers.

How Profusion Exhausts took action

After much research, the company decided to partner with BigCommerce, with payments managed by Barclaycard, which seamlessly integrates with the platform.

Raj adds: “We downloaded a trial version of BigCommerce and it was like chalk and cheese compared to our previous platform. We didn’t hesitate to enter into an agreement with the company and haven’t looked back since.”

BigCommerce gave them more than just a website. “There are so many different add-ons and plug-ins that help us to shape our online marketplace, all with SEO front of mind, and these ensure a streamlined journey for both us and our customers”.

Key business benefits

Easy-to-use platform

that helps those who aren’t tech-savvy to use it without specialist support

Make payments

Third-party software

allowing business to scale up processes, such as increasing the number of products and transactions

Automated emails

encouraging customers to return to abandoned carts

Increased insight

into purchasing habits, enabling businesses to understand what makes customers tick

Make payments

Removal of prior payment

saving businesses time when conducting financial reconciliations

Improve customer experience

by allowing them to pay quickly and easily using their preferred payment methods

We downloaded a trial version of BigCommerce and it was like chalk and cheese compared to our previous platform. We didn’t hesitate to enter into an agreement with the company and haven’t looked back since.

Raj Jagdev, Director of Profusion Exhausts

What was the impact?

“I’m pleased to say payment issues are a thing of the past too. The switch over to Barclaycard has been seamless, and the partnership certainly gives prospective customers peace of mind when considering it for the first time. They see the Barclaycard logo and instantly understand it’s a recognisable seal of approval.” Completing more purchases Profusion Exhausts has enjoyed several additional benefits of partnering with BigCommerce and Barclaycard that are supporting the company’s growth targets.

Raj says: “Abandoned carts are a common issue in eCommerce and I hadn’t thought there would be a way to get around it. I just saw it as part and parcel of running an online marketplace. How wrong I was. With BigCommerce, if a customer has abandoned their cart they’re sent an automated prompt email 24 hours later. This has made a huge difference.”

Priceless insight into customer behaviour

Raj continues: “Not only have we seen an increase in customers returning to complete purchases, we’ve also realised those abandoned carts are often professionals costing up a job before gaining sign-off from their own customers. It’s priceless insight we simply didn’t have access to before. This, alongside the sheer amount of third-party software that integrates with BigCommerce, gives us the peace of mind that it’s the ideal platform to help us continue on our growth journey.”

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