Investing today with tomorrow’s sales

An exciting new partnership between Barclaycard and Liberis means that SMEs can invest in their future today, with access to flexible, reliable small business funding.

A unique opportunity for SMEs

Thanks to our new partnership with Liberis, a UK-based business finance provider, SMEs now have access to flexible and reliable funding with hassle-free and affordable repayment options. With a proven track record in delivering fast and effective business finance solutions to customers for over a decade, Liberis is an ideal partner to strengthen our offering for Barclaycard Business customers.

Barclaycard Business Cash Advance is a brand-new solution that’s been designed to help small businesses by providing the funding needed to grow their businesses. Cash Advance is an alternative finance product where Liberis advances a sum of money to eligible merchants on the grounds that they will pay back the sum plus a pre-agreed fee. It offers fixed cost financing with flexible repayment terms – allowing business owners to access the funds they need, when they’re needed.

As a merchant, you benefit from:

  • · fast access to funds for a single fixed fee with no interest rates
    · an agreed percentage that is automatically taken from your daily settlement. Pay more during the busier periods, when you trade more; if you experience a quieter period and trade less, you simply pay less
  • · boosting your business’s growth

Investing in growth

Now may be a good time to start planning for growth. Two in five (40%) small and medium-sized businesses in the UK plan to hire, on average, six new employees before the end of March, following a promising start to the year[1]. However, many SMEs are unable to fund this kind of expansion without saving the money beforehand. 

With Barclaycard Business Cash Advance, small businesses no longer need to see their goals stymied by a need to save ahead of making progress with their businesses. Barclaycard Business Cash Advance allows eligible businesses to access quick and reliable funding now, and make payments in line with their card income.

With Barclaycard Business Cash Advance, small business owners are only expected to repay what they’ve borrowed in line with how much their customers have paid them – meaning that even quiet trading spells shouldn’t stand in the way of you moving forward.

Ed Black, Director of Strategy and Innovation at Barclaycard

As well as fast access to funds and a flat, pre-agreed fee rather than a fixed interest rate, Barclaycard Business Cash Advance gives customers much more breathing room with repayments than a traditional agreement with set monthly payments.

Apply for Barclaycard Business Cash Advance today

Apply for Barclaycard Business Cash Advance today

Are you a small or medium-sized business in need of a finance boost to help grow your business? As of 29 March, SMEs can apply for Barclaycard Business Cash Advance via the Liberis application page.*

With Barclaycard and Liberis, you can now get the advance funding you need to embrace the future possibilities for your business.

[1] Barclaycard Payments SME Barometer, Q1 2022

*Amounts and pricing may be subject to change, depending on your credit profile at enquiry. Offers for Barclaycard Business Cash Advance are subject to an underwriting process before any offer can be made as well as credit and other checks. Liberis can assess business income not processed through Barclaycard when assessing a business for funding.

You will be expected to operate your business in a way that ensures Liberis receives a minimum monthly amount of 3% of the total amount owed to Liberis. Liberis T&Cs apply.

This product is provided by Liberis LTD and Barclaycard will receive a commission from Liberis for a successful referral.

BBCA is not a regulated product in the UK and hence does not have protection under the UK regulatory structure, including but not limited to protection offered under the Consumer Credit Act (CCA), Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

There are other regulated lending products which are available through Barclaycard. Please refer to Barclaycard Business for more details. Eligibility criteria and T&Cs apply.