Using your new Barclaycard Commercial MasterCard

Using your new Barclaycard Commercial MasterCard

You're all set up to use your new MasterCard

We know you’re busy, so we’ve made sure your new card is ready to use.  There’s no activation needed, no new PIN to remember, or different credit limits to work with.

We’ve also kept your payment dates, fees, statement dates and any Direct Debits you pay us the same as before. Please remember – there will be a different reference number on your bank account for your Direct Debits. We’ll send you a letter to let you know what it’s changed to.

Shortly after your MasterCard arrives, your Visa card will stop working, so please take a few moments to read the information below so you’re up to speed.


Before the new card(s) arrives (administrator actions)

  • We’ve written to company administrators three weeks before despatching the MasterCard(s), letting them know about this change and asking for their email address to get the company set up for online servicing
  • Let your cardholders know they’ll be getting a new card and it’ll be delivered to the address we hold for them. If you’d like to check whether we have the right details for you, please get in touch
  • Ask your cardholders to pay special attention to the letter enclosed with the card as this provides important information they need to know – like the Visa card being deactivated shortly after their MasterCard arrives


When the new cards arrive (cardholder actions)

  • You can use the MasterCard right away with your existing PIN. It’ll come with important information so please read it carefully
  • Cut through the chip of your Visa card and securely dispose of it
  • If your usual suppliers or online retailers have a record of your Visa number, you’ll need to let them know your new card number, expiry date and the last three digits on the signature strip on the back of your card – this will help speed up the order process in the future
  • When you make online purchases, you might be asked to enter a password for MasterCard SecureCode. To keep things simple, we’ve made it the same as your Verified by Visa password.  You may be asked to set up a new one – but it’ll only take a few seconds
  • If your card is contactless, you need to make a PIN verified transaction to activate contactless
  • Remember your Visa card will stop working shortly after the MasterCard is delivered, so start using it as soon as it arrives


Stay in control with Barclaycard Commercial online servicing

To help make managing things easier, we’ve created a new online servicing solution. All cardholders can access this once the company administrator sets this up. To do this they’ll need to give us their up to date email address and we’ll give them access.

Barclaycard Commercial online servicing is an easy-to-use web solution that gives you complete visibility of your spend wherever and whenever you need – helping you to increase control and cut costs.

  • Transparency of spend – transactions are updated daily to give you a frequent view of your spend and help managing your budgets
  • Detailed access to data – to help you stay in control, administrators can view important cardholder information such as limits, available credit and declined transactions
  • Online statements – statements can be viewed and downloaded, giving you information more efficiently
  • Customisable reports – the simple report builder tool allows you to create reports that are tailored to your needs
  • Improved visibility – our reporting suite makes it clearer to see the different spend types, from account to user to supplier
  • On the go access any time anywhere – you can access Barclaycard Commercial online servicing anywhere in the world 24/7 without installing new software


How do I get access?

We’ve sent your administrator a letter asking for their contact details so we can set them up.

Once they’re set up, the administrator will receive two emails – one with a user ID and the other with a password. Using these details, they can then log into the application by simply going to commercial.barclaycard.co.uk.

The administrator will then need to activate their registration by logging in and following the below steps:

  • go to ‘Company’ then ‘Company Site Configuration’
  • scroll down to ‘Allow Cardholder Self-Registration’
  • change the setting to ‘Yes’
  • enter a ‘Company Registration Code’.  This can be a numerical value of your choice between 6 and 10 digits (make sure it’s something no-one could guess)
  • click on ‘Save’

The administrator can then provide cardholders with the Company Registration Code, so they can register themselves at commercial.barclaycard.co.uk   

Download our handy Commercial online servicing user guide PDF (3.09 MB), to help get set up.


Any questions?

Find everything else you need to know about this change in our frequently asked questions.

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