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Industry expertise to support your business

Tailored solutions for corporates of every size

Help to fight fraud and protect customer data

Smart solutions for easier payments

Build a future-proof corporate payment strategy with our great range of solutions – from our online gateway, Barclaycard Smartpay, to a choice of card readers.

Whether it’s desktop, portable, mobile or online, our solutions are PCI DSS compliant and ready to take global and digital payments for a seamless shopping experience.

With the latest technology and over 50 years of payment expertise, Barclaycard can be ready to help your business grow. 

Integrated POS solutions

With Connect or Connect+, your customers can make contactless, digital and mobile payments with feature-rich card readers that integrate easily with your existing software.

Point of sale solutions

From standalone desktop readers to a full payments service, Barclaycard have a range of solutions to keep payments fast, simple and secure for you and your customers.

Payment processing

Barclaycard offers comprehensive payment processing, also known as acquiring, to help you take a range of payment methods from UK and international customers.

Online payments

For corporates of all sizes and sectors, Barclaycard Smartpay offers a fast and easy online checkout process to help increase conversion rates.

Omnichannel payments

Deliver a seamless customer experience across in-store, mobile and online with an integrated omnichannel payment solution.

Mobile payments

Buying from your business on-the-go is fast and easy with our payment gateway that allows customers to buy through mobile or app.

Industry expertise for your business

Retail payments

Barclaycard uses payment expertise and data technology to really understand how your customers like to pay. This not only helps us deliver fast, reliable and secure payment solutions, but keeps you ahead of the game.

Food and drink payments

With the latest tech, backed up by industry insights and top tips from Barclaycard, you can keep customers happy and the queues down with payment solutions tailored to your food and drink business.