Customers’ information

We’re working to keep all our customers’ information up to date

We need to keep up-to-date records for our customers to meet our legal and regulatory obligations and to help protect your business from fraud and financial crime.

We’re reviewing and validating the information we hold about our customers. We may write to you to ask you to confirm some details.

If we do contact you about this please respond quickly to ensure there will be no interruption to your service. It’s a condition of your contract that you keep us updated with any changes to your company information.

How do I know this request is from a trusted source?

Letters are personalised with your Merchant ID. The letter asks only for missing, incomplete or unknown information. As such, each letter may vary depending upon what is required.

If you’re concerned and would like to speak to us about this though, you can call us on 0800 056 3774 to speak with our KYC (Know Your Customer) team.

When do I need to reply by?

We need you to respond within the timescales detailed in the letter to ensure there’s no interruption to your service.

Can details be provided over the phone?

This will be dependent on the information required and can be confirmed by speaking to the dedicated Know Your Customer team on 0800 056 3774.

What is the return address for the form if the prepaid envelope is lost/not enclosed?

Customers are requested to use the prepaid envelope wherever possible, however, if you do not receive it or lose it you can send the completed form to:

Dept. AP
1234 Pavilion Drive

Can I scan/email the details/updates that you need?

Yes, please scan the updated information that we require and email it to us at - we will need to call you to carry out ID &V to confirm the email has come from a trusted and valid source. 

I need some time to confirm this information. Can I continue to use my card (s) in the meantime?

Yes. We’ll allow you time to review the information and respond to us. The letter will tell you the timescales you need to meet to avoid your services being impacted.

What happens if I do not confirm this information?

If you fail to provide this information by the date specified your service will be affected and we’ll ultimately be forced to end your agreement with us.

Barclaycard called me to discuss this, why do you need to ID me if you called me to discuss?

If we call you about this, we need to verify that we’re speaking to the authorised account contact in order to discuss the account details. This is part of our standard Identification and Verification process which is designed to protect your account.

Can’t you just update the information you hold based on what’s held with other information bureaus?

We may compare the information we hold with what’s held elsewhere, but we won’t amend anything until you’ve confirmed the change. We’re governed by the Data Protection Act so we’ll only amend any information we hold on you or your company with your permission to do so.

My details have recently changed, so the details you’ve sent me are incorrect.

If the information held on our systems is incorrect then please provide the correct details in the amendment column. Then sign it and return it to us. We’ll follow up with you if we need you provide any additional clarification or proof of this new information.

My company details are about to change again, what should I do?

Please verify the information we currently hold following instructions provided in our letter. If the details change again then please contact us as soon as they do to let us know on the contact number detailed above in relation to your agreement.