Business Rewards

Barclaycard Business Rewards rebate offers

This information reflects offers currently available. Offers may be subject to change or withdrawal in accordance with the terms and conditions below.

Purchases need to be made using an eligible card to benefit from these offers. As set out in the terms and conditions, an eligible card means a Barclaycard Business card on the MasterCard scheme.

Avis save 5%

Offer valid on total car rental charges from all Avis corporate-owned mainland-UK rental locations as well as the prepaid value for rentals worldwide transacted through https://www.avis.co.uk when paid with an eligible card. The offer shall not be valid on charges related to traffic fines or damage charges and rebates received for any such charges may be reversed in the future. The offer is not valid on transactions made at rental location counters outside the UK.

Parcelforce save 10%

Offer valid on transactions from the Parcelforce Worldwide website (parcelforce.com) when paid with an eligible card. The offer is only open to retail customers who do not hold an account with Parcelforce Worldwide and will be subject to the terms and conditions under which Parcelforce Worldwide does business with its retail customers.

Bing save 5%

Receive a 5% rebate on your search advertising campaign on Bing® and Yahoo® Search when you use your eligible card. The offer is valid on all Bing Ads U.K. online purchase transactions for Bing Ads services when paid with an eligible card. Rebates are limited to an annual maximum of £250 per eligible card per calendar year (January 1 - Dec 31).

Barclaycard Business Rewards rebates terms and conditions

These terms and conditions (the conditions) apply to automatic rebates which Barclaycard Business account holders are eligible to receive under the Barclaycard Business Rewards programme. Please read these conditions and save or print a copy for future reference.

In these conditions, the following words and phrases have the meanings shown next to them.

  • We, us and our mean Barclays Bank PLC, trading as Barclaycard.
  • You and your mean the main account holder and any additional cardholders.
  • Your account means your Barclaycard Business credit or charge card account, to which your standard account terms and conditions continue to apply.
  • Barclaycard means any card issued on your account.
  • Eligible card means a Barclaycard Business card on the MasterCard scheme.
  • Merchant means a merchant offering a rebate to Barclaycard Business account holders on the purchase of a product or service.
  • Eligible purchase means a purchase you make from a merchant benefiting from a rebate.
  • Merchant conditions means the merchant’s terms and conditions applicable to the purchase of their product or service and/or to a related rebate.
  • MasterCard means MasterCard International Incorporated.

The Business Rewards programme

The Barclaycard Business Rewards programme gives you the benefit of automatic rebates on the purchase of a range of products or services offered by participating merchants when you use your Barclaycard.

You will be eligible for automatic rebates if you hold an eligible card. Additional eligibility criteria may apply to individual rebate offers, which are displayed on our Business Rewards web page accessed via our Barclaycard Business Home page.

Automatic rebates

If you are eligible for a rebate, you will benefit by making a new purchase of the product or service using an eligible card. Please note that the rebate is not deducted from the purchase price and will not appear on the merchant’s sales receipt.

Subject to the merchant conditions, the rebate is processed by MasterCard and credited directly to your account.

The following terms apply:

  1. Automatic rebates are only available on purchases made using an eligible card. You will not be eligible for a rebate if you make your purchase using a Barclaycard which is not on the MasterCard scheme.  
  2. Where you are eligible for a rebate, the relevant amount will be credited to your account within 5 working days. If your statement cycle ends during that period, the rebate may not appear on the same statement as the purchase price of the product or service, in which case it will appear on the following statement. If you have registered for online banking, you will be able to review rebates credited to your account by visiting barclaycard.co.uk/business/getonline
  3. All (or, if applicable, an appropriate portion) of the rebate may be reversed in certain circumstances, for example where (a) you cancel your purchase or return the purchased item to the merchant, or the merchant otherwise refunds the purchase price in part or in full, (b) your card has been used fraudulently, or (c) it is determined that your purchase did not qualify for the rebate.  
  4. If you do not wish to receive automatic rebates, you can opt out by calling our customer services on the number shown below. You may continue to receive automatic rebates for up to 30 days after telling us you wish to opt out, and reversals or adjustments of rebates may still be applied to your account after that.  
  5. MasterCard’s role is limited to processing automatic rebates to your account. MasterCard is not otherwise responsible for Business Rewards offers or your ability to use them.
  6. MasterCard has obtained a private ruling from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs relating to the treatment of VAT on purchases benefiting from automatic rebates. As a result, no VAT adjustment can be made in relation to the amount of any automatic rebate you receive on an eligible purchase. 

Merchant conditions

Automatic rebates depend on the availability of a product or service and the merchant’s ability to provide it. We do not guarantee that the merchant will accept any order you place. If you have any questions about the availability of a product or service or your eligibility for a rebate, please contact the merchant using the contact details shown in the offer.

Neither we nor MasterCard sell any of the products and services offered by participating merchants or provide any advice, confirmation or warranty as to their quality or suitability, or as to the completeness or accuracy of any information provided by the merchant in relation to a product or service and/or a related rebate offer.

If you make a purchase, you will enter into a separate contract with the merchant to which the merchant conditions will apply. Before you make a purchase, you must read the merchant conditions and make sure that the product or service offered by the merchant is suitable for you and that you are happy to accept the merchant conditions. Please note that some merchants may charge a fee for card transactions.

Any claim you may have in relation to the merchant’s product or service will be against the merchant in the first instance. You won’t be able to use a claim against the merchant (or anybody else) to make a claim against us, or refuse to pay us. However, this won’t affect any rights you may have under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 as set out in your standard account terms and conditions.


If you have any questions about your order, or the delivery of the product or service, in the first instance contact the merchant who is responsible for providing the product or service you have bought.

If you want to cancel your purchase, please contact the merchant. Please see the merchant conditions and check your legal rights. Any refund provided by the merchant will be re-credited to your account.

Changing or withdrawing Business Rewards

Rebates are offered by participating merchants and may be subject to change or withdrawal at any time and without notice, although we will always try to give you as much notice as the circumstances reasonably allow.

From time to time we may also need to make changes to these conditions or, if necessary, withdraw the Business Rewards programme in which case these conditions will no longer apply. If we decide to make changes or withdraw the programme, we will try to give you at least 60 days’ notice by posting a message on our website.

We may also end your participation in the programme by giving you at least 30 days’ notice in writing.

Eligible purchases you make prior to occurrence of any of these events will not be affected. 

Getting in touch

Please contact customer services if you have any questions about your account or in relation to the Business Rewards programme generally, or if your query relates to an automatic rebate - for example, if you believe you have made a purchase qualifying for a rebate but it is not credited to your account within 5 working days.

You can contact us:

If your query relates to a product or service offered by a merchant or to the merchant conditions, please contact the merchant directly using the contact information shown in the offer.

Making a complaint

To complain about a merchant’s product or service, please contact the merchant for details of their complaints procedure.

To make a complaint about our service, please contact us using the details shown above. You can find details of our complaints procedure in your standard account terms and conditions or by visiting www.barclaycard.co.uk/business/complaints. If we are unable to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, you may be able to ask for a review from the Financial Ombudsman Service if you are an eligible complainant. You can find more information by visiting their website at www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk

Governing law

The law of England and Wales applies to these terms and conditions. Any matter or dispute arising out of these terms and conditions can be dealt with by an English or Welsh court unless your address is in

  • Scotland (where it will be dealt with by the courts of Scotland); or
  • Northern Ireland (where it will be dealt with by the courts of Northern Ireland).

Our website is designed only for access from the United Kingdom. If you choose to access or use our site from abroad, it is your responsibility to keep to all local laws which apply.