Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

ePDQ ‘Gateway Inclusive’ Package  Offer Terms

  • The ePDQ Essential ‘Gateway Inclusive’ package for eComm or MOTO together with the Merchant Terms and Conditions, the ePDQ Additional Service Conditions and the terms contained the merchant application form shall apply to this offer. Copies of these documents shall be provided along with the merchant application form. In the event of a conflict between the terms of the ePDQ Essential “Gateway Inclusive” Package Terms and Conditions, the Merchant Terms and Conditions, the EPDQ Additional Service Conditions and the terms contained in the merchant application form, the ePDQ Essential  “Gateway Inclusive” Package Offer Terms  shall take precedence.
  • A minimum 12 month contract term (“Minimum Term”)applies for the ePDQ “Gateway Inclusive” Offer.  If You cancel during the Minimum Term a cancellation fee of £115 + VAT will be charged by Ourselves for each subscription.
  • During the Minimum Term  the following charges shall apply:

ePDQ ‘Gateway’ £20

Monthly Gateway Rental Fee

£20 + VAT

Number of monthly inclusive gateway transactions


Additional gateway fee for transactions that exceed monthly allowance

10 pence per transaction

  • The monthly inclusive ePDQ gateway transactions include:
    • Settled transactions: Transactions for which the value, after they have been processed, will be paid via your merchant number to your bank account.
    • Refunds: Funds returned to your customers payment cards.

Monthly inclusive transactions cannot be carried forward. Any transactions remaining at the end of the month will go unused

  • The following charges will also apply
    • A MSC (merchant service charge) of 1.75% will apply to all transactions
    • Debit cards shall incur an additional merchant service charge of 1 pence per transaction
    • A higher MSC for AMEX transactions (if you choose to accept AMEX).
    • a 0.85% non-secure fee for i) any online transactions not using Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code; and ii) any mail or phone transactions not using the Card Security Code.
    • An authorisation fee of 3p will be charged on every transaction where an authorisation is requested electronically.
    • Any unapproved transactions will be charged at 1.75% (if you process a card that is not stated in the Schedule of Charges which forms part of your application pack).
    • We will levy a £9 chargeback fee for any chargeback you may incur. A chargeback fee occurs where we have the right to refuse to settle a payment or to seek reimbursement of a payment that has already been settled. Please refer to our Merchant Terms and Conditions for further details.
    • Any refunds will be charged at 30p per refund.
  • Where the sum of your MSC in any given month is less than £10, a £10 minimum billing charge will apply.
  • No initial set up fee will be charged.
  • After the Minimum Term has expired :
    • Your MSC rates may be reviewed.
    • Your ePDQ management charges may be reviewed.
  • These Charges shall  only apply to UK based sole traders, partnerships or registered companies who trade in sterling and whose turnover on card transactions is less than £1 million per annum. Retailer turnover is calculated at a chain level and incorporates all outlets
  • Your Minimum Term  offer period will start from the date that you are accepted as a Barclaycard merchant (the date that is stated on the letter we send to you advising you of your merchant number).Please note that that any delay in the integration of your ePDQ store will not lead to any extension to the offer period being granted
  • The fees for any additional services, including (but not limited to)additional copies of your merchant agreement and copies of statement prior to the previous month will be charged on top of the package fees stated above.
  • The start date of the offer is midnight BST on 15th May 2015. To qualify for this offer you must have completed the merchant application form.
  • Our acceptance of your merchant application form is subject to satisfactory completion by us of our standard searches and checks. You must then comply with any timescales we notify to you to complete, sign and return the appropriate paperwork and/or provide any additional information that we may request to support your application.  If we do not receive your fully completed and signed merchant application form and/or additional information within the timescale specified you will no longer qualify for this offer.
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other Barclays offer.
  • Barclays reserves the right to terminate this contract within its discretion.