Making payments with corporate card solutions

The convenience of globally accepted payment facility with the control and security that your business needs

Making payments with virtual cards

An alternative to cheques and bank transfers, virtual cards allow you to make specific payments, to specific suppliers with specific dates and values online or by phone

Making payments with central accounts

The control, efficiency and information you need to enhance your business payments and supplier relationships from centrally held accounts

Understanding your industry challenges

Every corporate business has its own unique challenges. Yet, we all want the same things: process savings, quicker procurement time, less capital tied up and better discounts from your suppliers. Corporate payment solutions help you in reaching new productivity levels.

  • Industry-based knowledge assists with direct and indirect costs
  • Solutions that combine credit and charge cards, virtual cards and central management

Supporting your role in the business

It’s not easy running a large corporation. Whether you’re in finance, IT, HR or admin, the buck, euro and pound stops with you. You’re responsible and accountable for driving improvements throughout your business. Corporate card solutions help you deliver on these.

  • Role-based knowledge helps you achieve your business objectives
  • Industry insights keeps you up to date on the latest thinking and trends