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Managing the impact of coronavirus on your business

We know you are worried about the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on your business – and we're working hard to help customers during these tough times. However, due to safety reasons, we now have a limited number of call centre colleagues supporting all of our customers.

If you are a business card customer, please login or register as you can do many things online. Alternatively, see our FAQs below that answer the most commonly asked questions, whatever service or product we provide for you. Please only contact us if it's urgent, so we can help those most in need.

Contactless transaction limit

The contactless transaction limit on card reader terminals is increasing to £45

The existing contactless transaction limit of £30 will be increased to £45 from 1 April 2020. This change is designed to reduce the volume of transactions requiring physical contact or a PIN entry amid the challenges that COVID-19 is presenting.

Barclaycard is here to help you and your business during these unprecedented times. Our FAQs below should help to answer your questions around the increase in the contactless transaction limit and what you need to do as a merchant.

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