End of day process

Want to make sure you receive all your payments on time? Then you should use your Barclaycard card machine to bank your payments at the end of every day.

1. Getting started

Press the MENU button twice, and your card machine will display the SYSTEM MENU.
The Totals option should be highlighted.

2. The totals menu

Press ENTER again, and your card machine displays the TOTALS MENU.
The End-of-Day Banking option should be highlighted.

3. Confirm your supervisor ID

Press ENTER one more time, and your card machine displays Swipe Supervisor Card or Key in Supervisor Code.

Depending upon which instruction is displayed, either swipe the supervisor card, or input the supervisor code.

Remember, when you swipe your card, the magnetic strip has to be on the side facing your card machine.

Swiping the card is the default method. Your card machine will only ask for the code if you asked us to set it up that way.

4. Select End of Day Banking

Your card machine should now display End-of Day Banking?

Press ENTER.

5. Choose which card types to bank

Your card machine will now ask you to select which card types you want to bank.

If you only accept Mastercard and Visa, press ENTER for the last time. Your card machine will contact Barclaycard and print a receipt labelled BANKING TOTALS.

If you accept Amex and/or Diner’s Club, press CLEAR.

P.S. If you accept Amex and/or Diner’s Club 

After pressing CLEAR, your card machine will ask you to bank each card type individually. You need to select YES or NO as required until you have worked through the list of cards. Your card machine will print a receipt for each card type.

And that’s it, you’re done. 

File your end of day receipt(s) then go home and put your feet up.

We recommend that you complete the end of day process every day, even if you have not traded. That way, you make sure that your trading is always recorded correctly.

When you complete the end of day process, your card machine will print a receipt.

  • The PREVIOUS TOTALS section shows all the details of the previous day’s trading.
  • The CURRENT TOTALS section contains all the money you have taken (and refunded) since you completed the end of day process.
Both CURRENT and PREVIOUS sections break the totals down into subtotals, with entries for sales taken (debit) and refunds made (credit). These sections are also broken down by card type.