Make a test sale with your Barclaycard card machine

It’s good to know everything’s working, so get prepared for your first sale by making a test sale.

1. Get out the PIN training card

A PIN training card with test PIN

Open the card pack that came with your card machine, and take out the PIN training card. You need the 4-digit test PIN that is printed on the card.

2. Key in a test amount

Use the keypad to key in 1.00.

You can do this even if there is a screensaver displaying on your card machine screen.

3. Press Enter

Screen prompt to present, insert, or swipe the PIN training card

Your card machine displays Present, insert or swipe card.

4. Slide in your card

Insert PIN training card, chip end first and facing up

Insert the PIN training card into your card machine. Or, if you have a separate PIN pad, insert the card there.

The chip end goes in first and facing up.

Your card machine displays the amount and the word PIN.

5. Key in the test PIN

Key in your pin

Key in the test PIN shown on the PIN training card, and press ENTER.

6. Check the result

Your card machine contacts Barclaycard and displays SALE NOT AUTHORISED.
That’s because it’s a test sale. The message actually means you’ve done it right.

7. Print the cardholder receipt

Press CLEAR.

Your card machine prints a receipt labelled CARDHOLDER COPY, which you can tear off.

During a real sale, this is the receipt you hand to the customer.

8. Take out the PIN training card

Remove the PIN training card from the card machine

Press ENTER and remove the PIN training card.

9. Print the merchant copy receipt

Card machine prints a merchant receipt

Your card machine automatically prints a receipt labelled MERCHANT COPY, which you can tear off.

During a real sale, this is the receipt you keep for your records.