How to create reports

How to create reports in your all-in-one POS portal

How to create reports in your all-in-one POS portal

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Analyse all your sales data

Under the Reports tab, you can access a range of reports and charts on your business performance. Use these quick links to jump to the help topic you need.

The tools under the Reports tab
The three types of reports – and how you can create them
What operational reports you can pull from the portal
What sales reports you can pull from the portal
What stock reports you can pull from the portal

Smart tip – use portal assistant

Smart tip – use portal assistant

Jump to a section or task in your portal quicker – just click on the wand in the top-right corner to pull up the portal assistant.

The tools under the Reports tab

1. Report Selector lets you create and save your reports.

2. Report Data shows results based on what was selected under Report.

3. Report Charts shows you graphs and charts based on your data report.

The tools under the Reports tab
  • Reports Selector

    Here, you can choose the report type and pick the data sets you need.

    1. Choose from preset ranges.

    2. Choose report type.

    3. Choose date/time range.

    Reports Selector
  • Reports Data

    Here, you’ll find the results of your report with an option to export your data.

    1. Report Data based on chosen report.

    2. Export report.

    Reports Data
  • Reports Charts

    Here, you’ll find graphs and charts based on your data report.

    1. Illustrative view of report data.

    2. Export chart data.

    Reports Charts

The three main types of reports – and how you can create them

Types of reports

Operational Reports – pull data on all-things operational, from approvals to tax rates.

Sales Reports – these are all things related to sales by your business.

Stock Reports – see what items are most in demands and what isn’t a hit.

How to create a report

1. Click ‘Reports’ on the menu bar

2. Select the report you want e.g. Stock Report

3. Set the date range of the report and time zone (plus any other filters you want to add)

4. Click ‘Run’

5. To save your report, click ‘Save’, give it a name and press ‘Save’ again to confirm

  • What operational reports you can pull from the portal

    Adjustment Report

    Summary of all discounts and price overrides made to transactions and products, and includes a breakdown of the adjustments by transaction.

    Age Restriction Report

    Look at transactions that required an age check prior to you selling the product.

    AIM Export Report

    Export sales data from the portal so it can be imported into an AIM System.

    Cancel Sales Report

    See all the transactions that were either cancelled or voided.

    Cashing Up Report

    Take a look at all the end of day transactions that have been carried out.

    Cash In Tills Report

    Get a real-time view of how much cash is in each till at any time between the start and end of day.

    Customer Transaction Report

    View transaction information that’s been linked to a customer via the portal or a transaction.

    No Sale Report

    A list displaying every time the ‘No Sale’ button was used by a staff member.

    Paid In and Out Report

    All the transactions that were carried out using the ‘Paid In’ or ‘Paid Out’ function.

    Product Notes Report

    Full details of any transaction that contains one or more item notes.

    Refunds Report

    List all refunds carried out from your selected stores.

    Supervisor Approval Report

    Provides details of any transaction where ‘Supervisor Approval’ was used.

    Surcharge Report

    Lists all the surcharges that have been added to transactions.

    Suspended Transaction Report

    List all transactions that have been suspended to the server and haven’t been tendered yet.

    Tax Report

    The value of the net sales are broken down into the various tax levels registered in your store. The reports also gives you a summary of the net sales by card and cash transactions on those tax levels.

    Tender Notes Report

    See all notes that were added to a tender.

    Text Message Usage Report

    Provides information on how many texts you’ve sent.

    Time Keeping Report

    See when staff clocked in and out.

    Transaction Report

    Lists all the transactions carried out in the specified period.

    Voided Items Report

    View all the products that were voided within a tendered transaction. If a product was voided and the transaction cancelled, that product won’t appear in this report.

  • What sales reports you can pull from the portal

    Customer Product Report

    See all the customers that have been assigned to transactions made during the selected date range. For each customer in the report, there are entries for each product they purchased.

    Customer Sale Report

    Summary of the sales linked to each customer.

    Department Product Report

    Lists the individual products sold within each selected department

    Department Report

    View the departmental totals of all products sold under that department.

    Hourly Report

    Displays the stores net sales and number of transactions per hour over a 24-hour period as a percentage so you can see the busiest trading times.

    Product Profitability Report

    Summary of the products that you’ve sold and their sales value. It’ll also give you the value of the blended mark-up and margin based on the current buy price value and net sales values.

    Product Report

    Summary of the products that you have sold and their sales value. It also includes refund amounts and values, the reorder limit and associated product data.

    Sales Report

    Get a breakdown of the sales, refund and paid in-out activities of your selected stores.

    Sales Summary Report

    Summary of your sales transactions. This report is also available via your Smartpay Touch device.

    Shift Report

    Sales values for shifts started within the selected timeframe.

    Staff Department Report

    Displays staff member information by their set level.

    Staff Product Report

    Shows the sales total of selected staff members and lists their total product sales and refunds individually.

    Staff Report

    See either a summary or a full breakdown of your staffs’ sales, the refunds they’ve processed and any paid in/out activities.

    Supplier Department Product Report

    Similar to the Department Product Report but the sales are separated by each supplier.

    Supplier Product Report

    View a breakdown of all products sold by the supplier.

    Supplier Report

    Get a breakdown of all sales by each supplier.

    Top 20 Report

    A combined list of the top performing stores, products and staff members

  • What stock reports you can pull from the portal

    Low Level Stock Report

    List of products that have reached or gone below its reorder limit.

    Non-Selling PLU Report

    List of all the products that haven’t been sold within the specified time frame.

    Stock Movement Report

    List of all the stock movements that were either carried on the portal or on your Smartpay Touch device.

    Stock Report

    List of all the products in your stores and any associated data.

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