Take payments with your Smartpay hub

Take payments with your POS and card machine

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Barclaycard Smartpay Hub card reader

Take contactless, Chip & PIN and mobile payments through the Smartpay Hub card reader.

The card reader works wirelessly using Bluetooth, but also attaches to the back of the Smartpay Hub tablet, so you can take payments around your premises.

Once you’ve completed your startup guide we’ll call you to get everything set up. This includes a simple integration that connects your Smartpay Hub card reader so you can start to take payments.

Take payments on the go

You can use your tablet to take the till directly to customers in your business premises.

To remove the tablet:

  1.  Unlock it from the cradle.
  2. Slide it upwards. You can then use the hand strap to carry it around.

To put the tablet back in the cradle:

  1. Check that the pushpin connectors are at the bottom of the tablet.
  2. Slide the tablet wrap down into the cradle.
  3. Keep it safe by using the lock on the back of the cradle.
Smartpay hub and tablet

More on your Barclaycard Smartpay Hub

Visit our Barclaycard Smartpay Hub page, or contact our support team and we’d be happy to help.