Information on Fast Track customer applications

Fast Track applications – returning your documents to us

This is for customers who have recently applied for a product with a ‘Fast Track’ application.

If you’ve made a Fast Track application, it means we can send out your product and you can start taking payments straightaway. However, please note that we can’t transfer any money to your bank account until you complete your application by sending your documents back to us.

Once we’ve got the signed documents back from you, your settlement period (i.e. when you’ll see money from card payments in your account) will change to the timeframe set out in your agreement with us.

Please note: if we haven't received your documents after 90 days of confirming your merchant account has been opened, we will have to close your account. 

What to do next

1. Received the documents, but haven’t returned them yet?

Please make sure you sign and return your documents as soon as possible – without them we can’t continue your application, and you won’t get paid.

Your welcome letter points out which documents you need to sign and send back to us. These may include:

  • ·        Direct Debit Mandates (both documents)

  • ·        Merchant Agreement (‘Your Agreement’)

  • ·        Terminal Hire Agreement

  • Please also note:

  • ·        The correct people must sign the required documents, e.g. Director, Partner, Owner

  • ·        We can’t accept documents which have been amended by hand. So, if the printed details on the documents are wrong, please get in touch and we’ll send you out new documents as soon as possible

To speed up your application, you can scan and email your completed documents to apnonmanagedqueries@barclaycard.co.uk. Or you can post them back to us using the pre-paid envelope we sent with your welcome letter.

2. Already sent your documents back?

We might still be processing your documents.

If you haven’t heard back from us within 10 working days, please give us a call on 0800 61 61 61 and we’ll get to the bottom of the issue.

3. Haven’t received the documents, or spotted an error?

If you haven't received your documents, or if the information on the documents is incorrect, please call our team on 0800 61 61 61 and we’ll put it right as soon as possible.


If you have any questions or queries, we’re here to help. Please get in touch on 0800 61 61 61 for more information.