What are the key differences between UnionPay and other cards?

  1. End of day cut off times - for UnionPay, end of day reconciliations should be performed at 21:30 and any transaction after this time will carry forward to your next day’s trade.
  2. Pin bypass – UnionPay cards support a minimum 6-digit PIN, however a cardholder may opt to bypass PIN, this is supported by UnionPay.
  3. Transaction Clearing – UnionPay transactions must clear within 30 days from the day of authorisation. As regulated by the scheme, any UnionPay transaction cleared after 30 days are not accepted. Any payment loss occurred in such scenarios will be incurred by you.
  4. Servicing Time – Barclaycard is available to support UnionPay related queries 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday.