Barclaycard online servicing

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Barclaycard online servicing

If you need to keep track of all aspects of your card programme and business spending, our online servicing tool puts you in control with total clarity. It is a flex-to-fit solution, so we can customise it completely to fit your business needs.

Making life easier for everyone with online servicing

Our online servicing tool is a powerful way to make life easier – from simple online reporting to a fully-integrated global system

Easier for your employees

Filling out and verifying conventional expenses forms can be a significant distraction from your core business. Here’s how our online servicing tool could help your employees use their time more productively:
  • Reconcile transactions online
  • Code transactions automatically, manually or use a combination of the two
  • Split transactions by line item or across different projects
  • No need for a separate expense process for out-of-pocket expenses
  • No paper statements – see them online, any time

More insights for your managers

The better you really know your business, the more wisely you can use this knowledge. Barclaycard’s online servicing's enhanced analytical and management tools will enable you to:
  • Maximise your negotiating power with suppliers
  • Understand your expenditure to improve the way you manage budgets
  • Flow reconciled and coded transactions electronically
  • Gain greater control with online approvals
  • Improve compliance by building policy rules into your system
  • No paper statements – see them online, any time

Clearer for administrators

Barclaycard’s online servicing tool is designed to help your back office become more efficient, seamless and integrated. Here’s how:
  • Easily manage large global programmes through an effective online system
  • Manage cardholder account boundaries in real time
  • Set up and manage organisation hierarchy online
  • Drive reporting and workflow structures with ease
  • Create and maintain workflow, approval and policy rules online
  • Improve your view of business spend across all cards and all locations, with a wide range of standard reports and bespoke reports
  • Extract data in the format you need it, for easy integration into your back office systems
  • No paper statements – see them online, any time