Business payment solutions

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A payment solution to cover all your
business needs

From company charge cards through to a bespoke solution to manage all your business expenses, you can get it all from one corporate partner. We can help you manage your expenses, streamline your processes and drive down costs. We’ll give your employees convenient ways to pay. We’ll give your accounts department total visibility and control with detailed market intelligence reporting. And we’ll give your whole company help and support, whatever payment solution you decide upon.

“I need to simplify all our business expenses”

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Corporate charge cards

Your staff and colleagues have a convenient way to pay for all their business expenses. Your accounts department only have to deal with one bill, instead of hundreds of invoices.

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“I need greater control of our travel expenses”

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Travel management accounts

Streamline all your corporate travel spend, centralise your payments, and give your staff an easy way to pay – wherever they are in the world.

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“I need to drive down our fuel costs”

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Barclaycard Fuel+

Our next-generation fuel cost management system will simplify expenses claims, reduce admin and drive down costs.

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“I want to automate our payment processing, but still stay in control”

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Barclaycard Precisionpay

Payment solutions to cut your admin costs and automate many of your manual payment processes.

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“I want to cut down on all the invoices I have to deal with”

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Purchasing cards

Purchasing cards and embedded accounts let you pay suppliers quickly, and settle up later.

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