Barclaycard Precisionpay

We can save you time and money by automating many of your payment processes. From staff travel expenses to paying your preferred suppliers, you can cut all those invoices down to one payment to Barclaycard.

“I need to manage our travel expenses”

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Tracker solutions

Take control of all your business travel, including hotel bookings, flights and rail fares. Staff can pay their bills quickly and simply, all around the world – and all their spend is consolidated into one simple monthly payment.

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‘’I need to be able to automate my regular supplier payments”

Payment automation

Precisionpay Direct

Fully automate large and regular card payments to your preferred suppliers to save yourself time and extend your working capital – and improve the efficiency of your accounts receivable process as suppliers can see which invoices have been paid.

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“Staff need to make business purchases, but I need to stay in control”

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Barclaycard Precisionpay

Our integrated virtual card solution will let your employees make quicker purchases from your preferred suppliers – within limits you set. You can monitor how much people are spending, with automatic reconciliation against their account number.

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“I want to cut down on all the invoices I have to deal with”

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Virtual Purchasing Account

Automate payments to your preferred suppliers with a Virtual Purchasing Account. Your staff can make essential business purchases directly with the supplier, and you only have to deal with one bill.

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“I need to know any new solution will integrate with my current systems”

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Our specialist teams will make the integration your Virtual Purchasing Account seamless - with no costly, time-consuming IT requirements.

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