Corporate cards

An easier way to manage your expenses

An easier way to manage your expenses

Give your employees an easier way to pay for day-to-day business expenses like travel or client entertainment, with our Corporate cards.

  • Streamline your processes by automating your expenses and invoice payments
  • Simplify your reconciliation and reporting tasks
  • Set individual spending limits for different employees
  • Analyse and forecast business expenses better with up to date Management Information reports
  • Choose Corporate or Premium Corporate cards, depending on your business needs

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“I need to keep control of how much staff are spending”

When you issue charge cards to your employees, you set a spending limit for each card. This makes it easier for employees to keep within your expenses policy, and it keeps you in control of what they’re spending. You can monitor their transactions online, to see how much each employee is spending, and where and when they’re using their card.

 “I want to simplify our expenses systems”

Corporate cards can simplify and secure your payments. You can automate invoice payments, key reconciliation and reporting tasks to reduce the time, cost and errors that are common with manual data entry.

Our Management Information reports make it easier to analyse how much the different divisions of your company spend with suppliers. Which helps you to forecast accurately, and gives you the data to negotiate volume discounts from suppliers.

 “I need to know that we’re covered at home and abroad”

We offer support to your cardholders who are travelling on business, in the UK or abroad.
  • 24 hour emergency support for medical, legal and practical advice 
  • Expert advisors to help if employees need medical or emergency travel services
  • Travel Accident Cover up to £100,000, for the cardholder and up to 3 other travellers when in transit on public transport

“Why should I choose Corporate Premium cards?”

Our Corporate Premium card comes with a number of extra benefits.

Free Priority Pass membership
Premium cardholders can apply for a free Priority Pass (standard price £52.50 for Corporate members), and get access to over 850 VIP lounges all around the world.* They’re the perfect place for you and your guests to work or relax, away from the hustle and bustle of the airport.#
*£15 lounge fees will apply per visit per person.
# Some lounges may restrict the number of guests.

Enhanced business travel insurance
When you pay for the whole trip with your Corporate Premium card, you get extra travel insurance to cover for things such as medical emergencies, legal expenses and missed departure.

It’s worth checking the travel insurance section of the Premium Insurance benefits and exclusions document PDF (273KB) , so you know what exclusions apply. 

Fraud and protection

“I’d like some extra protection”

Alongside travel benefits, your Corporate card account gives you extra peace of mind if an employee misuses their card.

Cardholder misuse insurance

If one of your employees uses their card inappropriately, and you can’t get reimbursed, you could be covered for:
  • up to £15,000 per cardholder
  • up to £1,000,000 each year for your business
This cover also extends to contract and temporary staff. You will be able to claim for all fraudulent card transactions that took place in the 75 days before discovery of your loss, and for any further transactions that may come to light in the 14 days following you notifying us of the loss.

It’s worth checking the cardholder misuse section of the Insurance benefits and exclusions document PDF (249KB) , Premium Insurance benefits and exclusions document PDF (273KB) or Premium Plus Insurance benefits and exclusion document insurance benefit document, so you know what exclusions apply.

Fees and charges

“So how much does it all cost?”

Here’s a summary of the fees and charges for your Corporate or Corporate Premium cards.

Corporate card

Corporate Premium card

Annual fees



Cash withdrawals

When you’re travelling on business, it’s good to know you can withdraw cash from an ATM in the local currency, wherever you are in the world (provided your company policy allows this). Please note that all transactions in foreign currency have foreign exchange fees applied, and any cash withdrawn abroad will also carry a handling charge and foreign exchange fee.

Corporate card

Corporate Premium card

Maximum daily withdrawal
(subject to cash limit)



Handling charge

3% (min £3)

3% (min £3)

Foreign exchange fee



Interest charges

If your balance is paid in full every month, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of up to 38 days' interest-free credit. If you miss a payment date however, interest is charged at 2% a month, calculated daily from the statement date, until the balance and any charges are repaid in full.

Bill payments

The total balance for all cardholders is usually settled in full by Direct Debit, within 7 days of the date of your statement.

Penalties and late payments

We may apply additional charges if your balance is not settled in full when it's due, or if your account limit has been exceeded. If you need to increase your limit in the short-term due to special circumstances, or you want to re-arrange your cardholders' limits, please contact us and we'll do our best to help.

Corporate card

Corporate Premium card

Late payment (monthly)



Returned payment (monthly)



Exceeded limit (monthly)



Receipts and statements

You will receive regular company and cardholder statements for free or you can register to view statements online.  However, if you’d like to receive more detailed monthly and annual Management Information reports, there may be extra fees to pay.

If you have a transaction dispute, and it is decided in your favour, the charge for a copy of the transaction receipt will obviously be refunded.

Corporate card

Corporate Premium card

Regular statements to
company and cardholders



Copies of previous statements

£3 a statement

£3 a statement

Copy of a transaction receipt



Extra benefits

“It’s always nice to get something extra”

We’ve teamed up with some great partners to give our Corporate and Premium Corporate members useful extra benefits that could save your business money.


We offer discounted AA (Automobile Association) fleet breakdown cover for corporate customers, with up to 65% off standard rates.
For real peace of mind when your staff are on the road in the UK or abroad, the AA offer discounted fleet breakdown cover rates for Barclaycard cardholders.
Specialist vehicles such as taxis and minibuses are also entitled to preferential rates with the AA.
To find out more or benefit from these discounts, visit or call now on +44 (0) 800 55 11 888 and quote ‘0449’.

Priority Pass

Corporate and Premium Corporate cardholders can enjoy access to over 850 VIP lounges all around the world. They’re the perfect place to work or relax, while you wait for your flight.

Corporate cardholders can apply for a Priority Pass at a discounted rate of just £52.50 a year.
Corporate Premium cardholders can apply for a free Priority Pass. They can invite guests into the lounge too, The cost for each visit to an airport lounge is just £15 per person *

*Some lounges may restrict the number of guests.


Ryman is the business and home office specialist with an extensive range of over 2,000 products and more than 90 stores around the UK. Once you’ve registered, you can order over the counter or by telephone and take advantage of up to 15% discounts on office supplies. To take advantage of these discounts with Ryman, just call +44 (0) 800 801901 and quote ‘Barclaycard Business’ These discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or special offers and certain products are excluded. Contact Ryman for details.


Access competitive foreign exchange rates by using Travelex’s tailor made online ordering system.
For more information call +44 1733 294 821 or email quoting ‘Barclaycard’.

Reed Learning

As a Barclaycard Corporate cardholder you are entitled to 20% discount on any training course paid for with your card.  With a portfolio of over 170 courses spanning 8 core learning streams, you will have discounted access to one of the UK’s widest training catalogues.