Purchasing solutions

Cut your admin and make significant savings

We can help you cut down your day-to-day paperwork, and make significant savings on your admin costs. You can free up your accounts department to do other essential tasks by automating many of your payment processes. 

“I don’t want to spend all my time dealing with invoices”

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Purchasing card

Staff can make urgent, frequent or high-volume purchases direct with the supplier, and you don’t have to individually settle each invoice. You just make one monthly payment to Barclaycard.

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“I don’t need to keep authorising the same purchases”

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Purchasing cards and embedded accounts

For regular purchases, an embedded account gives you all the benefits of the Purchasing card programme. Create a virtual account with your preferred suppliers and authorised users can purchase direct without even having to enter their card details.

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“I want to cut our paperwork and reduce our admin costs”

Government Procurement Card

Government Payment card
electronic  Purchasing Card Solution (ePCS )

Simplify your high-volume, low- value transactions, from purchasing office supplies to paying temporary staff. With less admin and paperwork, it’s perfect for over-stretched government departments, local councils and public sector organisations.

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