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Business travel solutions

If your staff spend lots of time on the road, it’s helpful to have all your travel and expenses solutions in one place.
Barclaycard has been working with a host of travel suppliers to revolutionise the way businesses pay for travel. Now, we can offer you a central payment solution for hotels, rail travel, scheduled airfares and low-cost carriers - to provide you with more control and visibility over your staff’s travel spend.


All the travel solutions you need, from one award winning1 supplier

Travel expenses are one of the most frequent types of payments your business makes - and keeping track of your total spend whilst watching the bottom line isn’t easy. Here’s how you can benefit by taking advantage of Barclaycard’s business travel solutions:
  • Gain tighter control of expenditure
  • Streamline expense management systems
  • Easily see who’s spending what and where with comprehensive marketing intelligence
  • Reduce administration time and costs with the fully automated system
  • No paper statements – see them online, any time
1 Our Travel & Entertainment payment portfolio won the Business Travel Award – Best Corporate Card Provider 2013.

Corporate cards

Depending on your business, your employees may be doing business at any time, anywhere in the world. Our corporate cards are the simplest way to keep track of your employees’ expenditure on travel and entertainment. You give them a simple way to pay for what they need, whilst gaining greater insight and control and over what they spend.

  • Cards accepted at over 28m locations worldwide
  • Available in Classic and Premium across multiple currencies
  • Discounted Priority Pass giving cardholders access to over 850 airport lounges
  • 24 hour emergency support for medical, legal and practical advice
  • Expert advisors to help if employees need medical or emergency travel services
  • Travel Accident Cover up to £100,000, for the cardholder and up to 3 other travellers when in transit on public transport
  • Enhanced travel insurance cover for platinum cardholders for things such as medical emergencies, legal expenses and missed departure.

Travel Management Account

Travel management account

When you have businesses around the world and employees travelling across the globe, staying in control of travel costs can be a huge task. Our payment solution centralises all your scheduled air travel spend with a travel management account that gives you one virtual card to cover all air bookings, bringing you a range of benefits:

  • Complements your travel management company’s back office systems
  • Streamlines expense management
  • Spend visibility across your air travel costs

Cardholder Misuse Indemnity

In the event that one of your employees uses their virtual payment solution inappropriately, and you can’t get reimbursement from them, our Cardholder Misuse Indemnity covers you for up to £15,000 per employee and up to £1,000,000 each year for the business as a whole, as long as the charges are not of either direct or indirect benefit to your organisation (subject to indemnity terms).
Idemnity terms & conditions PDF (154KB)

Tracker Solutions

Single-use virtual cards that capture, control, evaluate and reconcile all your travel and expenses spend.
  • Use wherever cards are accepted
  • Automatic reconciliation across British Sterling, US Dollars and Euros
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, PCI DSS Compliant

Hotel solution

Our hotel solution automates the processes involved in reserving, confirming, paying and reconciling hotel bookings.
Developed and delivered in partnership with Conferma, it delivers in-depth macro and micro level reports when you need them (not just at the end of the month). And it puts you in control, as every single penny can be traced back to whoever spent it.
  • Increase control and enhance your spend visibility
  • Effortlessly monitor employees’ business travel expenditure
  • Unique virtual card numbers allow accurate matching of each transaction to an employee or cost centre, for easy reconciliation
  • Consolidate your spend, with one statement and one payment
  • Improve cash flow, with up to 56 calendar days’ interest-free credit
  • Streamline booking and payment processes
  • Use worldwide, at any hotel that accepts cards
  • Easily integrated into travel management back office booking and payments systems

Low-cost airline solution

As companies tighten their belts and call for closer adherence to their travel policies, more and more are choosing low-cost airlines when they travel. Using a payment mechanism that’s accepted worldwide, our web-based solution cuts out manual processes and gives you more visibility of spend than ever before.
  • Maximise control and enhance visibility of spend
  • No need to issue individual cards
  • Consolidate your spend, with one statement, one payment
  • Effortlessly monitor employees’ business travel expenditure
  • Unique virtual card numbers allow accurate matching of each transaction to an employee or cost centre, for easy reconciliation
  • Improve cash flow, with up to 56 calendar days’ interest-free credit
  • Streamline booking and payment process, to benefit businesses, travel buyers, agents and the travellers themselves
  • Use worldwide with any airline that accepts Visa

Rail solution

Your staff may make so many rail journeys that it’s almost impossible to keep costs on track. Our rail solution offers you a streamlined process that helps you analyse your spend, reduce administration and improve compliance with company travel policies.
Developed and delivered with Assertis, this system allows employees to pay for rail expenses via a virtual card. Altogether, it improves efficiency on every level - minimising fraud and making travel and administration a lot easier.
  • Complete visibility and control of your most frequent type of business travel
  • Record, track and reconcile every rail transaction
  • Virtual card numbers to minimise fraud
  • One statement and one payment for all your UK rail travel
  • Easy to use, streamlined booking and payment process
  • Access to all cheap advance tickets provided by all train operators
  • Free, fast collection at the station with any payment card, only 15 minutes after making a booking.
  • Improves efficiency with easy to upload, automated, reconciled payment files to your accounting and expense management systems
  • Using virtual card numbers for payment means fewer corporate cards and less admin
  • Full UK coverage
  • All UK train operators
  • All National Rail destinations
  • All London Underground stations
  • Nearly 300 Plusbus towns and cities

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