Government Payment card

Government Procurement Card (GPC Visa)

electronic  Purchasing Card Solution (ePCS)

Streamlined processes and greater control for the public sector

  • Simplifies high-volume, low value transactions, greatly reducing paperwork and processing time
  • Management Information reports for transparency and accountability
  • Meets prompt payment legislation with suppliers being paid within 10 days
  • Spending limits and restrictions can be set, giving you total control
  • No card or transaction fees to pay

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How ePCS helps your organisation

Our public sector cards provide a fast and efficient way of purchasing different types of goods and services, from office supplies to the wages of temporary staff.

The benefits and savings are equally as valuable to local councils, charities, universities and police departments as they are to central government agencies.

High-volume, low value transactions are simplified and employees benefit from greater flexibility as the cards can be used in person, over the phone or online. Our ePCS procurement cards can help your organisation meet government efficiency targets, while making savings locally.

Deliver recognised savings to the public purse

Thanks to a pre-negotiated framework agreement (RM1095) with Crown Commercial Services (part of the Cabinet Office), all public sector organisations benefit from improved commercial terms with Barclaycard's ePCS.

Savings include:

  • No annual card fees and reduced transaction fees
  • Significantly less paperwork and environmental impact
  • Reduced time and cost of processing invoices and orders

Promotes financial transparency and accountability

Data integration to increase reporting effectiveness
Our Enhanced Management Information software can be customised for your organisation, giving you access to electronic reports and creating a clear audit trail.

A suite of tools enables you to track, report and extract data about purchasing activity, so you monitor who's spending what, where and with whom.

Streamlines processes so you meet efficiency targets

Streamline processes
ePCS enables you to streamline time consuming processes and reduces administration, paperwork and bureaucracy.

Since the government's prompt payment pledge to pay SMEs in 10 days to ease cash flow in the current economy, ePCS pays suppliers in as little as four days. So organisations, like yours, can exceed these targets without losing interest on deposits – as we pay suppliers on your behalf. You then make a single payment to us at the agreed time.

Empowers staff without relinquishing control

Give employees a way to make payments in person, online or over the phone that's within your control. Keeping track of payments is simple with online access to view balances, transaction details and amend individual credit limits.

You will find it easier to enforce procurement policies and, in the event of inappropriate spending, our free Cardholder Misuse Insurance protects your organisation from liability.

To help you monitor employee use, ePCS cards allow you to set:

  • different levels of purchasing authority for staff
  • built-in safeguards such as monthly credit limits
  • trade category restrictions
  • No paper statements – it's all online when you need it.

How it works

Using an ePCS Procurement Card

How it works
When you sign up for a ePCS account, our dedicated public sector team will work closely with you to ensure its seamless integration into your organisation.

Implementing it

Our UK-based customer services team is there to help managers and administrators get the most from ePCS.

You will find it quick and easy to integrate into your existing procurement and expense management systems, with our experts there to help with raising internal awareness of your new card programme.

Working with suppliers

We ensure cards can be used with suppliers of your choice, by identifying key suppliers that currently accept ePCS cards and helping those that don't to introduce the payment system.

Embedding card details into your systems and lodging them with suppliers as a preferred method of payment creates a virtual and seamless procurement system that keeps the number of issued cards to a minimum.

Organisations that qualify

Could your organisation benefit from an ePCS?

The ePCS procurement card is available for all public sector  organisations in the UK and all UK registered charities.

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