FESTIVAL SERIES: Day 5: Q-T Vendor Tips

FESTIVAL SERIES: Day-5 Q-T Vendor Tips

Mon Oct 02 2017

Welcome to day five of our festival series. Like all good festivals, you can relive days one to four if you missed them first time round:
Day 1: A-D tips
Day 2: E-H tips
Day 3 & 4: I-P tips

But for right now, here are tips Q-T from the hard-grafting vendors at this year’s Barclaycard presents British Summer Time (BST) festival. Enjoy. And when you’ve read this one, keep your eye on @BcardBusiness to see when the final day is live.

Q - Quick queues

Focusing on quick queues is crucial at festivals, after all, people want to get back to the music, not spend time waiting for refreshments. Our vendor top tips for quick queues were:

  • Accept contactless payments (consumers save 15 seconds per transaction compared to cash1)
  • Help consumers find you – For example, Waffle On used the smell of their waffles to entice customers to them in a sea of burgers, beer and chicken. While Moorish set out the contactless crowd control barriers in a snake to direct passing festivalgoers to their stall. 

R - Reliability 

Choose reliable staff, reliable equipment and reliable partners. If something goes wrong at a festival, it might be pretty tricky to fix if you’re in the middle of nowhere. And festivalgoers won’t hang around if they’re not getting the quick, reliable service they expect. Check out what support the vendors got from good old Brian.

S - Signage and Social media 

Most of our vendors upped their game on social media in the run up to and during the event. Popular posts were those of seasonal, fresh, brightly coloured ingredients and videos of them having fun at BST!

T - Think of every ‘what if’ moment

Plan for worst days as well as the best days. Think weather, electricity supply, vehicle access and muddy ground, internet and network connectivity…there’s no such thing as over-planning.

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