FESTIVAL SERIES: Day 6: U-Z Vendor Tips

FESTIVAL SERIES: Day-6 U-Z-Vendor-Tips

Tue Oct 03 2017

It’s day six of our festival series, which features retailing tips from the lovely vendors at this year’s Barclaycard presents British Summer Time festival (BST). First time here? No fear, catch up on days one to four of our festival series ( A-D tipsE-H tipsI-P tipsQ-T tips) once you’ve read this, the last in our six-part series. 

U - Unexpected experiences for customers

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big brand or an unknown, festivals offer an awesome opportunity to delight customers in an unexpected location or way. If you’re a well-known high street brand appearing at a festival might be enough in itself. For smaller businesses without such brand recognition, you might need to work harder. Patty & Bun recently partnered with a fellow food vendor to create the Burger Pizza and Pizza Burger – relevant to the burger-meisters but with an unexpected and delicious twist.

V - Versatility of product

Waffle On sells savoury and sweet waffles, some dedicated to breakfast, some to lunch and dinner, and some to dessert and sweet treats. By being so versatile, they can attract custom for the duration of every festival. Egg and bacon waffle for brekkie, anyone? Fried chicken and waffles for dinner? Banana and caramel waffle to stumble home with once the music’s stopped?

W - Wink and smile

Not necessarily literally, but bring your personality to the front of your stall to attract attention, custom and social-media-friendly snaps. We refer you to the Meatballs & Chips dance mentioned in X.

X - Xenodochial

Xenodochial means friendly to strangers3. Festivals vending is all about entertaining strangers – selling your wares and your brand to people who don’t necessarily know who you are. Take Meatballs & Chips, for example, at BST these chirpy chappies did a little dance whenever the main stages were empty or business was slow. Nice little morale booster for the staff and a great way to attract customers.

Y – You time

Festivals are unbelievably hard work according to just about every lovely vendor we spoke to. And most go crazy for festivals in the summer and pull back on big scale events for the rest of the year. After all, it’s important to look after yourself and your team in an industry that’s full on, hard work and definitely not 9 to 5.

Z - Zoom in on detail

When you’re working with food and drink, in festival conditions, for consumers who know what they want and expect to get it, every little detail counts. Details like how festivalgoers can pay (cash, card, contactless ), how long your queues are and whether or not you’re on social media can all play a part in how successfully you retail at festivals. The vendors at this year’s BST all said that planning for every eventuality is crucial, particularly when you have the great British weather to contend with.

And that’s it, A-Z all covered. Need more convincing to consider setting up shop at a festival or pop up? Here are five compelling reasons to do just that and create unique customer experiences

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