Infographic: Futureproofing business in the face of cybercrime

Fri Jul 28 2017

Smell what’s selling, that’s what the experts say when it comes to investing money back into your business.

But aside from investing in the right products and services in the here and now, investing in the sustainability of your business is crucial, too. And it’s something very much on the agenda for small businesses, from cyber-security to website design to payment innovations, according to new researchi

Did you know that for 44% of SMEs, cybercrime is more worrying than Brexitii? Or that investing in fraud can increase customer satisfaction? Read on for other surprising stats and insight…

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 Infographic discussing value of experts. Plain text version below

With cybercrime a worrying issue for many, and lots of other factors to consider when future-proofing your business, it’s good to know help is at hand. Start by getting to grips with cybercrime lingo and find out if you’re investing in the right expertise for sustainable growth.

https://www.home.barclaycard/media-centre/press-releases/sme-retailers-forego-1-point-6bn-as-tech-savvy-shoppers-search-for-innovative-ways-to-pay1.html (July 2017)
ii Barclaycard research: Online interviews were carried out with 1,000 senior decision makers (500 from SMEs and 500 from large companies) by Opinium research from 2nd – 9th June 2017.

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