Omnichannel payments

The rise of the connected shopper

Today’s consumers expect to be able to pay anytime, anywhere and by any means. Contactless cards, mobile payments, wearable tech, digital wallets and innovative fintech solutions are creating a new and exciting world of payments. This technology has made the shopper smarter and more discerning. Our role is to help merchants embrace these changes and bring them together into one simple, secure payment solution. To enhance the experience and make the payment journey simple, effortless and ultimately more efficient and rewarding.

Omnichannel diagram

A smarter, simpler omnichannel solution

Barclaycard is your one-stop shop for all your online payment needs. 

Omnichannel solutions

Online payments

As online purchases increase significantly every year, our integrated payment gateway offers consumers the choice to securely pay when and how they want.

Mobile and in-app payments

The dramatic increase in mobile browsing, new digital payments and mobile wallets, mean mobile optimised payment pages and streamlined in-app payments are essential in today's connected world.

Face to face payments

Wherever your business and however consumers want to pay, we’ve a solution to meet your point of sale needs.