Barclaycard Rewards

Barclaycard Rewards

  • 0.25% cashback on your everyday spending*
  • No fees abroad – you’ll be able to withdraw cash from an ATM or buy your souvenirs without any charges and benefit from Visa’s competitive exchange rate
  • Protection on purchases over £100 so if there's a problem, you could be covered for a refund - that's a feature that comes with every UK credit card (conditions apply)
  • Exclusive savings on live events with Barclaycard Entertainment

Representative example - most accepted customers get

Representative example

Representative APR
22.9% APR (variable)
Purchase rate
22.9% p.a. (variable)
Based on a
credit limit
Annual Fee
No annual fee

The approval of your application depends on your financial circumstances and borrowing history, so do the terms you may be offered. The interest rates may differ from those shown.

*You’ll earn cashback on new purchases that you make. You won’t earn cashback on balance transfers, money transfers, cash withdrawals, buying currency or traveller’s cheques, or any cash-like transactions you make such as money orders or wire transfers. It also doesn’t include gaming-related transactions such as gambling, betting and buying lottery tickets.


Why might I get a different rate?

Being accepted for a card depends on your credit history and how you’ve managed credit in the past. Depending on your individual circumstances we may offer you 29.9% APR variable. Of course if you’re not happy with this alternative you don’t have to go ahead with it. 

Managing your Barclaycard

Staying on top of your account – if you miss payments or go over your credit limit, you will incur additional costs through interest and fee charges; you could also lose any promotional interest rates. So please make sure you’ve read and understood the terms and conditions before you apply.

You could build your credit rating over time as long as you always make your payments on time and stay within your credit limit. However, if you don’t do those things, your credit rating could be harmed.

Your standard and cash interest rates will move up and down in line with the Bank of England Base Rate. Base Rate changes will not apply to your promotional interest rates. To learn more visit barclaycard.co.uk/understanding-interest

It’s important you understand how your Barclaycard works. If you miss payments or go over your credit limit you could incur additional costs through interest and charges. So, please make sure you’ve read and understood the terms and conditions before you apply. Visit our FAQs if you have further questions.


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