Barclaycard Forward credit card

Representative example

Representative APR
34.9% APR
Purchase rate
34.9% p.a.
Based on a
credit limit

The approval of your application depends on your financial circumstances and borrowing history.

  • A smart choice if you’re new to credit cards

    If you’re looking for your first credit card, or your credit history isn’t great Barclaycard Forward could be the card for you.

    Offer details

    • A personalised credit limit between £50 and £1,200
    • 0% interest on purchases for three months from the date you open your account
    • Manage your account with alerts and build your credit score

    It’s important to understand how credit cards work, especially if you’re new to credit. So make sure you’re up to speed on the types of fees we may charge and how promotional rates work and what you need to do to keep them.

    If you decide to apply, please make sure you read the information provided once you’ve clicked the 'Apply now' button. It provides important information about how interest is charged and how to manage your account.

    Find out if you’ll be approved without affecting your credit rating.

  • How Forward could help if you’re new to credit

    If you make at least your minimum payments on time and stay within your credit limit for the first 12 months of opening your account we may reduce the interest rates you're charged. If you ever have problems meeting your minimum payments please give us a call. We can then see if there’s any way that we can help and avoid  the negative impact this could have on your rating.

    Built in text alerts

    With Barclaycard Forward you’ll get alerts to let you know when your balance is due. There’s other alerts you can turn on and off at any time, like weekly balance updates.

    Help to make sure you pay on time

    You can choose a payment date when you’re more likely to have money in the bank and there's a couple of options when it comes to setting up a Direct Debit.

    Minimum amount – this helps avoid paying late payment fees but only meets the minimum requirement. It won’t help in the long run unless you’re making additional payments, especially if you continue to use your card. That’s because you could end up paying more in interest than towards the amount you’ve borrowed.

    Fixed amount – Decide how much you can afford to pay and set your monthly Direct Debit for that amount. If it falls below the minimum amount, we’ll increase it to ensure you don’t get charged a fee. It’s a good idea to review the fixed amount every few months to make sure it’s meeting your needs.

    Full amount – This is the best option if you can afford to do it as it limits the amount of interest you pay.

    It’s important to stay within your credit limit

    Barclaycard Forward comes with a personalised credit limit based on what you can afford. Going over your credit limit not only means a £12 fee but it’ll also impact your credit rating. You can set up alerts to let you know when you're getting near to your credit limit so you can either make a payment or slow down on the spending.

  • Barclaycard features and benefits

    • Barclaycard Entertainment - 5% savings on tickets across 3,500 gigs, comedy nights and family days out every year.
    • Manage your account on the Barclaycard app or online
    • Contactless payments of £30 and under
    • Whether you want to pay your Barclaycard bill by Direct Debit, with your debit card or over the phone, you can do it at home or on the go.  
  • Who is Barclaycard Forward best suited for?

    • People who are new to credit or whose credit history isn’t great
    • Those who haven’t been made bankrupt in the last six years or had a County Court Judgement (CCJ)
    • Are employed and earning over £3,000 a year
      Making lots of credit applications can actually make your credit rating worse. So before you apply you can use our eligibility checker to tell you if you’re approved without affecting your credit rating.
  • Things to note before you apply

    • Your new account will be set up with digital statements. These can be found in your online Barclaycard account, which you will need to register for.  You can choose to switch to paper statements at any time.

      Remember your interest rate will move in line with the Bank of England base rate, so your rate might change before we reduce it. To learn more visit barclaycard.co.uk/understanding-interest.

      The Forward card is suited for people over 18, in employment, earning over £3,000 a year and had a permanent UK address for at least 2 years. You’re much more likely to be accepted if you  haven’t been made bankrupt in the last six years and don’t have more than one County Court Judgement.

      To make an application you’ll need details about your employment status, address details for the last 2 years and bank account number/sort code.

Remember: to keep your 0% rate for 3 months, you’ll need to make your minimum payments on time and stay within your credit limit. Otherwise your 0% rate will go up to the standard rate, which is also the rate you'll pay when your promotional period has ended.