Barclaycard Freedom Rewards card – programme rules

As a Barclaycard Freedom Rewards cardholder, you will be automatically enrolled in the Barclaycard Freedom Rewards programme (the “Programme”). You will be able to collect and redeem Points, subject to these rules.

In these rules:

Account” means the Barclaycard account in your name.

Agreement” means the Barclaycard conditions relating to the operation of your Barclaycard.

Monthly statement” means the monthly statement which we send you in relation to your account.

Points” means the Points collected and redeemed under the programme.

We”, “we” or “us” means Barclays Bank UK PLC, trading as Barclaycard.

You” or “you” means you, the individual in whose name the account is maintained.

1. Participation

To participate in the Programme you must comply with the terms of your Account and with these rules. We may disqualify you from participating in the Programme and cancel any Points you have already accumulated if you fail to comply with any of the rules.

2. Eligible Spend

(a) You will collect Points on eligible spend. “Eligible Spend” means any card purchases you or an additional cardholder make under the agreement.

(b) Eligible Spend does not include: balance transfers, cash withdrawals from a cash machine or over the counter at a bank or cash provider, buying of currencies, including cryptocurrency, any payment made by electronic money transfer, money order, direct debit or standing order, any use for gambling including internet gambling and purchase of lottery tickets, or transactions which are subsequently returned or refunded. If a transaction is refunded, we will deduct any Points collected from your Points balance.

The total amount of Eligible Spend in any one month is limited to the amount of the credit limit on your Account.

3. Collecting points

Points will be collected at a rate of:

UK Supermarkets: 2 Points per £1 spent

UK Petrol: 2 Points per £1 spent (which includes petrol, diesel and LPG)

All other eligible spend (including non-sterling transactions) 1 point per £1 spent

We may offer bonus Points on selected purchases at our discretion.

4. Life of your Points

Each Point collected will have a life of three years. In the fourth year, Points collected during the first year and not redeemed will be deleted on a month-by-month basis. New Points collected in the fourth year will be added in their place and so on, so three years’ worth of Points will be maintained.

5. Information about Points

(a) Your current Points balance will be shown on your monthly statement and in your Barclaycard online account. You may not receive a monthly statement if there have been no transactions or there is no balance on your account. If you want to obtain information about your Points or the Programme go online to your Barclaycard account.

(b) Your Points balance will be updated overnight, after the transaction is added to your account. If you see something which you think is wrong, you should let us know as soon as possible.

(c) You are responsible for determining any income tax or other tax liability relating to your participation in the programme.

6. Redeeming your Points

(a) You can redeem your Points against products or services offered by our redemption partners (see our website Only the main cardholder can redeem Points. Points cannot be redeemed for cash.

(b) You can redeem Points against vouchers via the website or over the phone. On redemption the Points to be redeemed will be automatically deducted from your account.

(c) Once you have redeemed your Points, Points are not exchangeable or refundable.

7. Losing Your Entitlement to Points

In certain circumstances we may cancel any Points you have collected on your Account, and/or suspend your right to redeem or collect further Points.

You will lose any Points applied to your rewards balance during that month if:

  • You (or any additional cardholders) are in breach of your Barclaycard conditions, e.g. your payment is late, you miss a payment or you spend more than your credit limit.

We will suspend your right to collect/redeem Points if we suspect fraud or mail that we send to you is being returned to us.

We may cancel all Points accrued to date if:

  • You have missed two consecutive monthly payments
  • Your Account has a zero balance and/ or you don’t use your card for any period of 12 consecutive months
  • Your Account is closed, either by you or by us for any reason. In addition, you will not be able to redeem any Points from the date of the closure

Points will be cancelled and cannot be transferred in the event of your death.

8. Changes

(a) We may change these rules by giving you 30 days’ notice in writing, this includes by email or text message. If the change is to your advantage we may let you know after we have made the change.

(b) We may change details of the Programme which are not specified by these rules, such as the products or services available when you redeem your Points or the Points value of such products or services, at any time without notice.

(c) We reserve the right to terminate the Programme, or any part of it, at any time by giving you 30 days’ notice in writing (including by email or text message). The notice will set out the date from which you will no longer be able to collect Points and the period for which Points will remain valid.